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Crystals - Keri Manning - DVD

Crystals is a introductory DVD by crystal healer Keri Manning. She guides you through some of the basics you need to know to choose, cleanse and begin to use crystals for yourself and friends and family.

The film is attractively presented, with the crystals themselves looking rather mouth watering. The crystal shop used in filming has a beautiful selection of crystals and Keriís treatment space looks well prepared and inviting.

Keriís presentation of the DVD shows a real familiarity with her subject. She obviously uses, knows and loves her crystals. She lends a calm and soothing tone to the whole programme and she is easy to listen to and understand.

In an ideal world everyone would be able to go to a real life, experienced teacher of crystal healing to learn the basics of using crystals for health, such as the Introductory Days I run, however not everyone can access or afford tuition. This DVD is a good starting place if you feel drawn to explore crystals for yourself and close friends and family.

The limitation of the DVD is in its length. As it is 52 minutes long you canít really expect an in depth tutorial. I would suggest you watch it to see if the crystals catch your interest and then invest in a good book, such as Simon Lilly's Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing (Illustrated Elements of...S.)
or Crystal User's Handbook: An Illustrated Guide by Judy Hall. You could also read around the Crystals area of my site for more information.

All crystal healers will vary slightly in their methods; nothing is set in stone (pun intended) so Keri explains programming a crystal quite differently from me and the chakra balance she shows you differs a bit from the method I teach, however Iím sure it would be therapeutic to use. I would say she omits the importance of grounding as part of the preparation for the healer and it is well worth your while reading up on this important subject and learning to ground before you try healing anyone. You may also benefit from other methods of keeping your energy safe. Even though you would only be working on friends and family it is valuable to take these steps.

Please remember that a professional crystal healer will have been thoroughly trained and that crystal healing is a vast and fascinating subject. My students follow a two year Diploma course to become safe, grounded, intuitive, resourceful and confident crystal healers. A DVD can only ever be a taster, but everyone starts somewhere and I hope that a taste will turn into a real passion for crystals and crystal healing.

At the moment this DVD is only available through Amazon UK, hopefully Amazon.com will stock it eventually!