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Bad Breath (Halitosis) - Cause and Cure

Is it possible bad breath or halitosis could be getting between you and your business or social success? Do you often experience dryness or a bad taste in your mouth? Are people offering you mints, stepping back from you in the middle of a conversation or avoiding you all together? If so, you may be one of the ninety million people with chronic breath odor problems. (Yes, I said “ninety million people.”)

Halitosis occurs for many different reasons. These include diet, stress, tooth decay, gum disease, bad digestion, nose or throat infections, medications, dentures and smoking. But the primary cause is simply poor oral hygiene that allows putrefactive bacteria to grow in your mouth creating an unpleasant odor. The good news is that most cases of halitosis can be easily dealt with.

The best thing to do is brush your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal if possible. And remember to floss daily. While you’re at it, brush your tongue and the walls and roof of your mouth as well. Proper oral hygiene removes the odor causing bacteria, plaque and food that accumulate in your mouth. Mouthwash and sugarless mints, on the other hand, can only temporarily mask bad odor - not eliminate it.

“Morning breath” is often caused by hunger and if you skip “breaking fast” (breakfast), it will return shortly after brushing your teeth. So, eating a good breakfast and an all around good diet, rich in raw fruits and veggies can help remedy offensive breath problems. But, be sure to avoid coffee with your breakfast, because caffeine is another halitosis culprit.

Weight loss programs may also contribute to halitosis, particularly ketosis causing low carb type diets. And researchers believe fatty meats, cheese and butter cause breath problems too. So, if you’re dieting, be sure to drink plenty of water (a good idea even if you’re not trying to lose weight) and eat lots of raw veggie snacks. High fiber “cleansing” foods (such as raw celery and carrots) help scrub your teeth and keep your insides clean.

To enjoy success, don’t let halitosis get between you and what you want - either socially or professionally. Make good eating habits and oral hygiene a daily routine that paves your way with the “sweet smell of success.”

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