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Warrior I Series

This is a short standing sequence that I enjoy adding to my practice and in the classes I teach. The poses included are Warrior I, Pyramid Pose, and Triangle Pose which are all standing poses. This sequence will help improve your balance, strengthen your legs and hips, stretch and strengthen your arms, and give a gentle massage to the organs during the twists.

•Begin in Mountain Pose. Stand with feet close together but not touching. You want to find a stance where you feel balanced and that is “your Mountain.” Roll your shoulders back and down.

Warrior I
•Step your right foot forward and your left foot back. The back foot is turned at an angle so that the sole of the foot lines up with the heel of the front foot.
•Lunge your right knee. If you have knee problems then don’t go into a deep lunge.
•Sweep your arms overhead. Bring the palms of your hands together.
•Lift up tall from your sturdy feet through your finger tips.
•Look up at your hands and do a gentle backbend, bending from the upper back. Do not bend from any point lower.
•Hold for 8-10 full breaths.

Pyramid Pose
•From the Warrior I position lower your arms and fold forward over your right leg. Place your hands anywhere on the leg that is comfortable.
•Straighten your knee and sink into this deep forward bend.
•Hold for 8-10 full breaths.

Triangle Pose
•Lift yourself slowly out of the forward bend and place your arms in a T.
•Turn your body to face the left side of your mat. The right foot is still pointed forward; the left foot is still in the back.
•Both legs are straight. Take a deep breath and as you exhale lower your right hand down to the floor if you are able. If not then anywhere on the leg is fine.
•Take your left arm straight up.
•Keep your entire body and head facing the left side of your mat.
•Press your hips back and shoulders forward.
•Hold for 8-10 full breaths.

•Come out of Triangle Pose slowly. Turn your body to once again face the front of your mat. Put your hands on your hips to make sure they are aligned forward.

•Sweep your arms over your head and gently descend to the forward bend Pyramid Pose. Hold for 8-10 full breaths.

•Lift your body sweeping your arms overhead and bringing the palms together. Lunge your right knee and you are back into Warrior I.
•Hold for 8-10 full breaths.

•Step forward to the front of your mat and back into Mountain Pose.

Now you will repeat the entire series with the left foot forward and right foot back. You can make this longer or shorter by adjusting your breathing. This is a good sequence to do first thing in the morning to wake up your body.

Always consult a medical professional before doing this or any form of exercise. Practice yoga, feel great!

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