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Aligning Your Puropse Through Yoga

As humans we create our reality. We tap into the law of attraction through our thoughts and beliefs, bringing us experiences that are in harmony with our vibration and frequency.

Mostly we are unaware of our thoughts and attract experiences to ourselves that we may not particularly want. The power of thought is so strong that they bring to us whatever we focus on the most, whether that is experienced as positive or negative.

Practicing yoga can assist in bringing us into harmony with the universe, and can also be instrumental is bringing us more experiences that make us feel good. When we slow down and become aware of our thoughts, we notice what is running our life.

The benefits of slowing down and including yoga practices into our daily life are immense. For example; through the addition of meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, we quieten the mind and create space for peace. When we are at peace, our thoughts are peaceful which has a knock on affect on our health and well being.

On first glance, thoughts seem invisible and intangible. However, they have such a hold over us that we can be imprisoned by them. Our thoughts, left untended, run amuck and cause untold damage. They are only thoughts that we are thinking and believing.

How often do you enjoy the present moment? More often than not, we are in perfect surroundings, with nothing happening; except for what is going on in our mind. We miss the perfection of the present moment as we are caught in thoughts of the past or the future and keep the experience perpetuated in our life.

We decide, mostly unconsciously, that we do not want certain things in our life, so we resist them. The resistance is the cause of the problem. When we take charge and become mindful of our thoughts, they have no hold over us.

The only way anything can cause us a problem is because we have deemed it to be good or bad for us, whereby giving it power over us. However, it is usual for people to have their biggest breakthroughs through their biggest challenges. Acceptance of whatever ‘is’ allows us to release the tension created and associated stress.

Suggestions to bring yourself into harmony

• Take at least five minutes every day to tune into your breath
• Start to notice how you feel in situations throughout the day. Ask yourself if whatever behavior you are demonstrating or experiencing is beneficial for you or detrimental
• Check in with your body and notice tensions and breathing quality. Stop and take some conscious breaths until you feel balanced.
• Notice your thoughts. Instead of getting caught up in them, try to observe them.

Observing thoughts takes the intensity from them and reduces their ability to affect you. When thoughts are left untended, we experience, health problems, stress and anxiety. Through the addition of the simple steps above, you can change your life for the better. You will be more in alignment with your purpose and effortlessly attract health, wealth and abundance to you.

Happy practicing!

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