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I do not hunt. I could not bring myself to kill an animal for recreation and “sport.” I am able to feed my family so I do not need to hunt for food. I’m lucky, not all people are able to feed their family, I know several families that rely on the deer meet so that their children can eat. 1.5 deer will more then feed the family for a year the remaining deer is giving to an elderly neighbor who lives on a fixed income, so she has food.

I understand the need to feed ones family. The fact that only 2 living beings were killed seems better then having to kill 4-5 small animals (like fish) a day to feed the family. I am more disgusted by hunting done for sport and people who condemn those who hunt to feed their families because they can’t afford to eat any thing else, but yet do NOTHING to help them so they don’t have to hunt. Hot air doesn’t end hunger. Guilt doesn’t end hunger.

I do not understand hunting for sport. Hunting game that will not be eaten is beyond me. To me it is senseless. Since I feel that hunting is wrong and I am lucky enough to have enough to eat I do not hunt. I do not believe that hunting for sport is right, but I do not feel it is my place to judge. If someone feels hunting for sport is ok, who am I to say it isn’t? Why should they listen to me?

I hold the Buddha’s teaching about how precious all life is to heart. I do not hunt for that reason. I also do not condemn those who hunt or fish.

The three instances meat should not be partaken

When it is seen,
When heard,
When in doubt that the animal was killed on your account
You should not knowingly make use of meat killed for you

From: Majjhima Nikaya Sutta 55 Jivaka Sutta: To Jivaka

From the 5 precepts
Avoid harming living creatures
Accidentally stepping on a bug is much different then putting a hook through a worm to entice a fish.

In the EightFold Path
Right Livelihood
This involves making a living in a productive way that is not harmful to any living being. A few examples of right livelihood would be a monk or nun, a schoolteacher, or a photographer… A few of the many careers to avoid would be a butcher, a prostitute, a con artist, a fisherman and a hunter.

If you get into the six realms of existence
Animal Realm
Animals are ruled by instinct. Would you encourage your child to harm someone smaller then them? Then why hurt an animal who is smaller then you?

All tremble at violence;
life is dear to all.
Putting oneself in the place of another, o
ne should not kill nor cause another to kill.
Dhp 130

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