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The Freedom to Choose, In Any Situation

Ethnic Beauties, perhaps you're aware that I wanted to post an article about beauty, maybe one on lipstick or bronzer. I've written several. I've been working on a few about lovely latinas, and another about navajo beauties. However, all that changed when I was awakened early this morning by raised voices, crying, and chaos. Then I knew. I had to speak to you, my friends, about choices, about our freedom to choose -- in any situation.

In the midst of any dilemma the way we react is up to us.

Sure, with all that chaos, and with me not knowing what was going on, I could have chosen to become hysterical, I could have joined the fray. I could have chosen to allow my mind to free-flow in any number of disastrous-thinking directions, but I did not. I chose to remain calm. I chose to listen, to try to piece together what happened. I chose to attempt to understand and acknowledge what was yet going on. Then I found I could make decisions with a clearer head.

Therefore, I want to share with you one method for doing the same. I know there are many ways to deal with the curves that life throws us; the truly unexpected, the unwarranted, the over-exciting, and even those things that we most dread. So whether you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, or if you've received notice -- of any kind; if you've received a distressing diagnosis, disastrous news, or even a divorce decree, there are ways to deal with it.

1. Choose to quiet the mind and regulate your racing heart.
Breathe deeply, and make the choice not to be dragged down. Remind yourself that nothing productive can be accomplished if you panic. Remember, the only thing that panic produces is hysterical behavior. Instead, choose to quiet your mind, allow chaos to recede. Choose to connect with your center, the power source within. Then listen as the facts are laid out.

2. Choose not to fear
Fear has torment. It is paralyzing and is also the most distressing of the emotions. Fear is most often aroused by the idea of a threat or impending danger. Ethnic beauties, remember, we are spiritual people, we always have been, from our ancestral times up until now. Thus we cannot accept fear. It is the antithesis -- the nemesis, the arch enemy of our faith. Instead:

3. Choose to believe
Believe, as we pray, as we connect to our power source, that things will work out. Believe that what we ask for, we will receive. Then know that things may not work out exactly as we desire. Things may not even work out when, or as fast as we desire; yet we must believe that things will work out, for our good.

4. Choose to accept wisdom granted
Since we've calmed our selves, now we must accept divine intervention. Accept it when someone -- a friend, a relative, or a stranger, offers knowledge. The very thing that we may need to know can come to us from the most unlikely source. However, choose to accept this wisdom, then act on it.

5. Choose to make use of the help/aid offered
Knowing that in certain situations, we cannot know, or do everything, let us allow others to do what they do. If the need arises for medical personnel, step aside and let them do what they've been trained to do. If a lawyer must get involved, or the authorities, carefully consider their counsel. If our loved ones are rational, and have a point of view, or if they will take the children, thus giving us a peaceful moment, make use of these helpful things.

6. Choose to replinish your body
We are all aware that in times of crisis most of us will not feel like eating or drinking. However, to keep going, and to continue to make decisions that will be best for all involved, we will need sustenance. Even if it is a few bites of something as small as a power bar every few hours, ingest. Hydrate also. Water will help to keep us from becoming dehydrated. Staying hydrated may also keep feelings of severe fatigue at bay.

7. Choose to be grateful
Sure, 'this' that we find ourselves facing is not the scenario or situation we would have chosen. It is not ideal. Yet now, 'this' happens to be the script of our lives. My darlings, wondering what if, or even wishing things were different will not change one thing. Therefore, with a heart filled with gratitude, because things can always be worse, choose to say thank you. Something about those two little words, offered aloud, opens untold channels...

Ethnic beauties, whether you're facing a sitation today, or should one appear in your future, always remember... How you react is based on one thing only... Your freedom to choose.

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