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Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose

Half Lord of the Fishes pose is excellent for spine related pain and dysfunction. Many yoga poses involve bending; forward, backwards or side to side. This posture twists the spine and stretches the waist, making it excellent to relieve sciatica and harmonize the digestive system.

There are many benefits to practicing Half Lord of the Fishes, including:

Normalizing the menstrual cycle
Enhancing the nervous system
Strengthening and energizes the spine
Harmonizing the digestive system
Strengthening the heart and lungs
Stimulating the liver and kidneys
Increasing flexibility of spine and hips
Beneficial for asthma and other respiratory conditions

The posture requires that the thigh is pressed against the abdomen which assists in improving the function of the liver and spleen. The secretions from the pancreas are regulated, which can help with managing the symptoms of diabetes.

The Technique

This asan is performed while sitting on the floor. It is not advised to practice this posture if you have a spinal injury or major back problems. If you are under a doctor, it is always advisable to seek his medical opinion before undertaking any exercise routines.

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you
You can sit on a folded towel or blanket to support your buttocks
Bend both legs with feet on the floor
Bend the right leg at the knee and tuck it under your left leg till the foot touches the buttock
Step the left leg over the right leg and pull the thigh into the abdomen
Keep the legs tight together throughout
Twist to the left. You can put your left hand on the floor behind you for support
In this position place your right elbow on the outside of the right knee to deepen the twist
Lift up from the waist to lengthen the spine and breathe naturally
Your head should be facing the left and your torso should be twisted as much as is comfortable to the left side
Hold this position for a few breaths or up to a minute
To release the posture, slowly remove the right elbow from the right knee, and gently bring yourself back to the center
Release your legs and stretch them in front of you for a few moments
Repeat the whole procedure on the other side

This posture can take a while to master as it may be challenging to bring the elbow to the outside of the knee. You can modify the stretch by hugging or holding the knee instead. Only stretch as far as is comfortable and endeavor to keep your back and neck straight throughout the posture.

Happy practicing!

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