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Sun Salutation B for Yoga Challenge

As part of the 30 day Yoga Sun Salutation Challenge I want to introduce you to Sun Salutation B, Surya Namaskara B. Sun Salutation B is not used as often as Sun Salutation A, but in the Ashtanga tradition it is a major part of the primary series. Like Sun Salutation A it is a vinyasa, flowing movement of connected poses, however there are additional poses making it a little more challenging. Practicing Sun Salutations allows you to feel and embrace your movement with your breath. These poses work almost every muscle in your body and are very strengthening as well as providing an optimum stretch. Some sound advice comes from David Swenson, Ashtanga Yoga, the Practice Manual, “Use only the energy required to get you from point A to Point B. Relax areas that are not required to be engaged. Be free. Be light. Be joyful in the experience and expression of your personal practice.”

Here is Surya Namaskara B:

• Mountain Pose. Open your feet wide so that you feel all four corners of your foot. Stand tall and find your mountain. Place your hands together in front of your heart.
• Chair Pose. Bend your knees, lower your butt, and reach your arms forward out from your chest.
• Standing Forward Bend. From Chair pose straighten your legs and fold forward reaching your hands down your legs.
• Flat Back Standing Forward Bend. Bring your hands to your feet, lift your head and chest, and gaze forward.
• Chaturanga. Drop to the floor into a plank position. Lower your upper body until it is inches from the floor. Bend your arms and keep elbows close to the body. If you find this pose too difficult stay in plank pose and practice until you can do the Chaturanga.
• Upward Facing Dog. Stretch legs out long and tops of feet are flat on the floor. Legs and thighs are lifted off of the floor. Lift your chest high and bring your head up. Arms are directly under your shoulders.
• Downward Facing Dog. Push your butt towards the ceiling reaching forward through the palms of your hands. Draw your hamstrings back towards the wall behind you.
• Warrior I. Come into a standing lunge. One foot forward and one foot back. Back foot is turned out slightly. Lift your chest, your face, and your arms. Take your arms straight up over head with palms together.
• Repeat Chaturanga.
• Repeat Upward Facing Dog.
• Repeat Downward Facing Dog.
• Warrior I.
Use the opposite foot forward and back.
• Repeat Chaturanga.
• Repeat Upward Facing Dog.
• Repeat Downward Facing Dog.
• Repeat Flat Back Standing Forward Bend.
• Repeat Standing Forward Bend.
• Repeat Chair Pose.
• Return to Mountain Pose.
Place your hands together in front of your heart.

You may see variations within this vinyasa but this is the primary Sun Salutation B sequence. As you practice your Sun Salutations for the 30 Day Yoga Sun Salutation Challenge you might want to try this for some variety. Check out the BellaOnline.com Yoga Site on Facebook for pictures of the poses.

Live well, practice yoga.

The 30 Day Yoga Sun Salutation Challenge

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