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Like Flowers Women Need Care

The beauty of a woman's body is that in many ways it is like a flower -- like a lily. It blossoms, and has petals and inner workings, no less beautiful. Ladies, take a look at a lily when you get the chance, at a stargazer for example, and you just may begin to appreciate the unique creation of your own body even more. Like that flower that needs care, a woman's body does also. She needs water, and sunlight. She also needs nourishment. Therefore, what one puts into her body is as important as what she puts on it.

Another beautiful thing is that like the lily, a woman's body has secretions. In times past, for some, this may have seemed frustrating, but the truth is, this is necessary, for it tells us many things. When fluids are clear, all is well. When there is cloudiness or a rank odor, the beautiful flower is alerting us that something needs attention. Not to digress, the truth is: every woman has her own unique scent. This is created by a mix of things, including pheromones which are chemicals naturally produced by the body. These trigger a social response in others (of the same species). Most often in bees as well as humans, when released, these aid in the attraction of mates; is it any wonder perfumes contain pheromones? However, a problem occurs when the scent becomes acrid -- sharp or pungent. That is when the body is signaling one to seek medical attention/counsel.

The beauty of the human body is that if paid attention to, she will tell us many things. Intuition, pain, discomfort, growths, and even differing scents, alert us to changes in our bodies. Thus, as a woman it is important to know your body. It is also a good idea to document changes, such as tenderness, bloating, and the release of fluids and their color. Often healthcare professionals will ask questions. If a woman has jotted down changes -- and when she first noted them, that will wind up a tremendous plus! Doing so can aid one's healthcare professional to pinpoint the onset of a condition, and most likely circumvent problems, and begin treatment.

If you don't have healthcare, or a provider, that is nothing to be ashamed of. In the times in which we find ourselves, this happens to be the plight of many working women, and some of those in transition. Yet there are healthcare facilities that will work with one. They will often create a payment plan based on one's current financial status. Many times a woman can be billed or pay in installments. The foremost thing to remember is not to default. If you find yourself with extenuating circumstances, let your health professional know, and work out a way to get back up to speed, re-establish a plan. This is necessary, because if you beautiful, fall apart, so will most other things in your life, those that you hold together. That is why you must take care of you. Sure, your daughter needs shoes, you need gas, the mortgage/rent is due, you need carfare, and groceries...the list is endless. Yet, put yourself on your 'to-do' list.

Today, my beautiful ethnic flowers; check your petals, and in noting your beauty, never forget that like the lily, your blossoming body needs care. I know I say it all the time, yet it is true. As women, we take care of everyone else, so why not add one more person into the mix...ourselves.

Be kind to yourself, and if needed, seek care. Lovely flower, we want you here. You add beauty and color to our world.

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