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Back On Track After Indulging

There are certain times of year when it is a given that most people will indulge -- or overindulge, either we'll eat too much or we'll drink too much. Instead of beating ourselves up though, because we fell off the fitness wagon, or because we never got on to begin with, hop up there after the binge. But do enjoy the binge. I mean what's the point of doing something if we don't do it well? No sense in having another helping of dressing/stuffing if we're going to moan about it. I mean really, if we're going to eat Aunt Margie's pecan pie, we don't want to monitor every smooth creamy mouthful; neither do we want 'the fitness police' those friends or family members who are fanatical calorie counters on our backs. We simply want to enjoy! If a kir royale happens to be on our menu, or if it’s straight vodka, we promise not to hurt anybody, least of all ourselves. Then, when the party ends, we will simply get back on, or get started on, the fitness track.

Sure, we may feel like moldy leftovers the next day, but such is life. We will keep it moving, and one way to do so is to hydrate. Our bodies need water. I like plain, but if you need, why not drink it with a mineral powder, or have a cup of herbal tea, hot or cold, but don't load it down with sugar, that will defeat the purpose. Or instead of a heavy breakfast -- the day's most important meal -- have a protein shake. I'm partial to them with fresh fruit added; or drop in frozen strawberries or blueberries. Or have a delicious egg white omelet, light on the cheese and butter, or ditch those two altogether. Don't assume because we've binged that starvation is the answer. We will need to break a sweat, the body's great equalizer. Sweat helps to rid our beautiful bodies of toxins. Then we'll no longer smell the previous evening's rum cocktails or alcohol easing through our pores.

Hey -- there are sales going on! So in getting back on track, why sit at the front of the mall parking lot waiting for a spot? Drive over to no man's land and walk, briskly, from there. Then in the mall, walk some more. It's great exercise, and you'll have to trek back to the car. Just don't move too slowly, because again, we don't want to defeat the purpose of getting back on the fitness track. If you've got a gym membership, or even workout equipment at home, then woo-hoo! You've got it going on lady, or man; that is if you get your workout on. Working out will aid us to shed puffiness, bloat, and weight, but don't forget to hydrate.

Then for lunch or dinner why not try something light and tasty? Remember, getting back on track after indulging is something we should do, for ourselves. I often say that as ethnic beauties we do so many things for others, so why not include ourselves? Getting or remaining fit has numerous benefits -- we can wind up healthier, and appear younger or better, we may even live longer and age gracefully while doing so. Indulging in the workout of our choice will also do our hearts and lungs a favor. Exercise has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease, and to expand lung capacity, which will enable us to better take in the oxygen that will nourish body cells. So for all of us revelers I have one thing to say. Enjoy!

Then get back on the fitness track. Be safe my darlings. I look to ‘see’ you again.

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