Quilt Blocks of the States - Rhode Island

Quilt Blocks of the States - Rhode Island

Rhode Island – 12” Quilt Block

The Rhode Island State Block is made up of a large star with a small inner star in its centre.To make this block, the smaller star is made first, then the larger units are pieced to the small star to complete the block.

Fabrics: There are three fabrics used in this block

Cutting Instructions

Fabric 1: Cut two 5-3/8" squares, cut two 3-3/8" squares

Fabric 2: Cut one 5-3/8" square, cut four 2" squares, cut two 3" squares.

Fabric 3: Cut four 4-5/8" squares, cut one 3-1/2" square.

Step 1.
Cut the two 3” squares in fabric 2 into 4 triangles by cutting diagonally once. Cut the two 3-3/8” squares in fabric 1 into 8 triangles by cutting diagonally twice.

Step 2.
Place a triangle on one side of the larger triangle as sew a ¼” seam. Flip the triangle and press the seam. (see Diagram below). Do the same with the remaining 7 small triangles. This will make four flying geese units used in the small star.

Step 3.
Build the small star block using the 3-1/2” fabric 3 square and the four 2” fabric 2 squares and the flying geese units made in Step 1. (see Diagram below). Sew the top row pieces together, then the second row and finally the third row. Now sew the three rows together to form the small star which forms the centre of the Rhode Island Block.

Step 4.
Now, onto the large star. Firstly, Cut the two 5-3/8” fabric 1 squares into 8 triangles by cutting diagonally twice. Then take each of the four 4-5/8” fabric 3 squares and sew a two triangles to two sides of each square. (see Diagram below.)

Step 5.
Take the 5-3/8” fabric 2 square and cut into four triangles by cutting diagonally once. Take these triangles and sew them to the top and bottom of two of the four squares. (see Diagram below).

Step 6.
Take the other two squares and sew to opposite sides of the small star made in Step 3.
(see Diagram below).


Sew the two remaining pieces to either side of the star unit. (see Diagram below).

This block square should measure 12-1/2”

Congratualtions, you’ve just completed the Rhode Island State Block.

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