Twist of Fate by Mary Jo Putney

Twist of Fate by Mary Jo Putney
Hello, and welcome back! Between the weed-pulling and the plant-watering, I've gotten in quite a lot of reading time. And now my hubby's gotten the citronella torches up in the yard, which means I can sit outside even more with my book under the tree and not have to hurry inside as soon as the bugs start to come out. Yippee!

This week, I've got three new romances to share with you, so let's not waste any time. First up is Mary Jo Putney's new contemporary romance, Twist of Fate (Jove). Val Covington thinks her life is going along just fine, until she gets a windfall and must decide how to use it. Her choice to leave a prominent law firm and strike out on her own brings her into contact with Rob Smith, who seems to have some secrets he'd like to keep hidden. Her first pro bono case is a whopper, and some of her other choices for her new life bring her to places she'd never imagined. I liked the story, but couldn't work up much sympathy for Val's "problems"--which aren't all that earth-shattering. I thought her reasons for not wanting to commit were pretty lame, and a few other things she does during the course of the story were kind of iffy, motivation-wise. But I really did like the rest of the story. Aside from Val, the tale is very powerful, no matter which side of the issue you find yourself on. I'm giving this one three of Cupid's five arrows, only because I didn't love Val.

Next up is debut author Nancy Herkness's A Bridge to Love (Berkley). Kate Chilton is stunned to find out her late husband cheated on her, and then she wants revenge, so she sleeps with playboy Randall Johnson, figuring that once will be enough. Or not. This one is billed as having steamy sex, and I'll admit there is that. But I couldn't find myself attracted to Randall, with some of his attitudes, and Kate is still too hung up on her late husband to get so involved with another man, no matter how angry she is with him--yet when she needs a favor, she'll turn to Randall. I was unconvinced. I wanted to like it, but I couldn't, so it gets only two arrows.

Finally is Rebecca York's Edge of the Moon (Berkley), with Kathryn Reynolds turning to detective Jack Thornton when her tenant goes missing, and the attraction both of them feel when they meet scares them, especially Jack. Before I started reading, I thought, oh good, romantic suspense. Then I started reading and thought, hm, paranormal romantic suspense. By the time I got to the end, I was very disappointed. Demons and magicians. Not that there's anything wrong with either, but the way this story played out just didn't work for me, despite my love of paranormal romance. I'm giving this one only two arrows as well. I have higher hopes for the books I'm reading for next week.

Until next time, happy reading!

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