Treating Chronic Constipation

Treating Chronic Constipation
This article will outline a variety of treatments for chronic constipation that you may not have considered before.

If I were to tell you that 75 percent of the population was chronically constipated would you believe me?

Lets think it through. I get my information from working as a colonic therapist and as a nurse.

Upon interview of patients I found that an overwhelming percentage of patients do not report daily bowel movements. Nor do they report adequate size bowel movements, yet they also verbalize that they feel that their body function is within the range of normal. Many physicians tell their patients that having a bowel movement once a day or every other day or every third day is normal. You should not be too concerned unless it gets to day 3 or 4 with no action. This is absolutely wrong and if you accept it you jeopardize your long-term health.

Bowel movements should be daily and for those with excellent bowel function twice a day. Stool should be soft, and generally in one long log, up to 12 inches long and for larger people up to 2 feet long. If you are not having action like this you are constipated.
But you are not alone. Most people are. Consider the increasing numbers of colon cancer and you might come to realize that we have an issue here, and more specifically you have an issue here.

Following is a list of treatments for constipation.

About 30% of cases of severe chronic constipation can be cured with the homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica. Severe chronic constipation is when the bowels refuse to move and require repeated laxatives over weeks or years. Often laxatives do not work well and most herbals may not work at all. Take this remedy once a day. Let the tiny pellets melt under your tongue. If you take this remedy for one week and it does not work move on to a new plan. If it does work it will dynamically and permanently cure your constipation. You will still need fiber and plenty of water. Purchase Nux Vomica in 200c potency from Homeopathy Overnight.

A second remedy for constipation is Activa Yogurt. This contains the probiotics bacteria called Regularis. I have never seen or heard of Regularis before. It may be a genetically modified bacteria and I have not been able to find any further information on it. It does work in many cases but it would not be my first choice as it is a previously unheard of bacteria. You may need to take 3 or 4 servings initially. I personally avoid it because I suspect the bacteria are of a foreign nature to the body. I wish the company provided more information. The Dannon company has refused to either confirm or deny that Activia is a genetically modified organism.

Flax seed is helpful to many cases of chronic constipation. I recommend golden flax but dark brown flax can work too. This provides an excellent quality of fiber. Start with one tablespoon and increase or decrease as needed. I use the flax seed in my homemade bread. It was not until I started flax seed that two bowel movements a day started to occur and it took a while for that to happen. Flax seed shoulb be ground fresh every few days with a coffee grinder and put it in your morning or evening yogurt. It can go rancid quickly and requires refrigeration. Flax provides a multitude of phyto-nutrients and healthy fats that are excellent for pre and postmenopausal women also… But that is no reason for men to avoid it.

Magnesium has cured many cases of constipation. Avoid Magnesium Oxalate as it's difficult to absorb and you will end up taking more pills than you should need to. For pill applications purchase magnesium citrate. Usually they come in dosages ranging from 250 to 350 mg. Any dosage is fine. You will start with 2 pills and increase until you get results. For some people that may be 5 pills up to two times a day. This is a good natural alternative that fortifies cellular function of the body.

Homozon is an old time favorite unknown to most people and I strongly recommend it. I've used it for a variety of conditions and if you are interested in restoring the health of the tissues of the full intestinal tract this is the way to go. It will fully detoxify the body given enough time. Some people use it up to a year to treat severe conditions like arthritis and microbial disorders. Homozon is made with magnesium that is fused with ozone. It provides oxygen that will facilitate healing and natural probiotic colonization. It comes in a powder form and is mixed with water and the juice of a lemon. If constipation is severe start with a tablespoon and adjust dosage accordingly either up or down. If you require high dosages that should pass after a month or two. Some people require it twice a day, others once a day. You can be assured that this product will relieve your constipation as it re-energizes your body including the muscles of the colon, kills parasites, and detoxifies on many levels.

Every household should have a cannister of Homozon.

The Original Homozon

Dr. George Friebot on Homozon

Homeopathy Overnight - Nux Vomica 200c Remedy

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