Color Therapy

Color Therapy
Scientists have studied the effects that color has on our moods, health and ways of thinking for years. We, as a society, speak of color in relation to our moods and emotions all the time. I feel “blue” today, she was “green” with envy, in the “pink” of things, “red” with rage, he was in a “black” mood, are examples.

Color is an energy of light. Photoreceptors in our retinas, called cones, translate this light energy into color. The retina actually has three types of cones: one for blue, one for green, and one for red. We perceive other colors by combining these three.

Dr. Alexander Schuass, the director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Washington, says that when the color of energy enters our bodies, it stimulates our pituitary and pineal glands, which in turn cause a variety of changes to take place in our bodies. This explains why color has an influence on our thoughts and moods. Color also seems to have an effect on blind people, who are thought to sense color from the energy vibrations created within the body.

So, in effect, the colors you choose for your clothing, your home, office, car and other surroundings can have a direct and profound effect upon you. Colors can ease stress, add energy, and alleviate pain. Colors are very much a part of the Chinese Feng Shui design technique.

When choosing a color to work with therapeutically, it is important to understand the different moods or energies that colors resonate to.

Blue has a relaxing and calming effect. Blue lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. In one study done with hyperactive children, when placed in a blue room, they became much calmer. Blue makes you feel cooler in a hot and humid climate. Blue can also be used to relieve the pain of ulcers, back problems, rheumatism, and inflammatory disorders. In order to work with the energy of blue, surround yourself by this color, and focus in your mind on the part of the body you wish to heal. This is a good exercise to do outdoors under the blue sky or near the blue ocean. Wearing blue to work when you are stressed out helps you to get calmly through another day.

Green also has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body and mind. People who suffer from anxiety or depression do better in a green room. Green is also beneficial when dealing with nervous disorders, exhaustion, heart problems and cancer. Try sitting on a hillside or in a green pasture and focus on the part of the body you wish to heal. Green is also good to help maintain a diet program. When you are feeling uptight about an interview wearing green keeps the nerves under control.

Violet creates a peaceful and harmonic environment, suppresses the appetite, and is good for kidney problems and migraine headaches. Violet is good to wear if you are on a diet and need to avoid the junk food vending machines.

Red stimulates, excites and warms up the body. It increases the heart rate, brain wave activity, and respiration. Red is also the color of passion, so it is good for any sexual disorders. Red can be beneficial to those suffering from anemia, bladder infections, or skin irritations. People who have poor coordination, or high blood pressure (red can cause a rise in blood pressure), should stay away from rooms with primarily red décor. However, red is good for those with low blood pressure. Because of the warmth factor of the color red, it is a good choice for a winter jacket. It may seem to be a good choice for a bedroom, but even though it incites passion, it also cause excitability, and so would not indicate a peaceful night’s sleep.

Pink is a soothing color, and a muscle relaxant. It can have a tranquilizing effect of angry or violent people, so it is often used in prisons, hospitals, and drug centers. Pink works well for those who are having anxiety or withdrawal symptoms. Pink is a better choice for the bedroom than red, as it promotes feelings of romance without the extreme stimulation that is provoked by red.

Orange stimulates the appetite and reduces the symptoms of fatigue. If you want to encourage a child with a finicky appetite try an orange tablecloth or placemats. However, if you are trying to lose weight, make sure to cover up the tablecloth and placemats before you sit down at the table. Orange is a good choice of color to wear if you are rundown or tired. Allergies may also be helped by wearing orange.

Yellow stimulates memory. If you want to remember something write it down on yellow paper. Yellow also raises blood pressure and increases the pulse rate, but far less than red does. Yellow has the same energizing effect as a day in the sunshine. It can help relieve depression. It can also be beneficial for soothing muscle cramps and easing the symptoms of hypoglycemia, overactive thyroid, and gallstones.

Black is the color of power. If you need to feel self confident and strong wear a black suit. Black also suppresses the appetite. If you are dieting try a black tablecloth on your table.

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