Taking It to the Bedroom

Taking It to the Bedroom
The decision of if and when you should become intimate with a dating partner is not one that should be taken lightly. Since unwanted pregnancies and high rates of sexually transmitted diseases are abundant in today’s dating scene, it is imperative that you consider both the rewards and the potential consequences of your decisions. This is not to say that you should never engage in sexual activity while you are dating but rather that if you choose to do so, it is important to proceed with caution.

Though there are many factors that could influence your decision of whether or not to become sexually intimate with a dating partner, the best way to make that decision is to act in a way that agrees with your personal comfort levels, beliefs, and values. By staying true to yourself then you will likely avoid stumbling over unnecessary regrets somewhere down the road.

Before jumping into bed with your partner, there are a few factors that you may want to take into consideration. For example, your decision to get intimate should be based on what you truly want to do rather than on outside influences that might pressure you in either direction. Think about how well you know your partner and how comfortable you are with the idea of sharing such a personal experience with this person.

Another important factor to consider is how physical intimacy will impact your relationship. Sex can and usually does change things, sometimes for the better and other times for worse. Those changes can be manifested in many different ways depending on the particulars of your current situation but it is advisable to at least give some forethought to the possibility that sexual activity is likely to alter the dynamics of your relationship. Singles who engage in casual sex may find that attachments are likely to develop. Others who become sexually involved in the hopes of getting more serious may eventually find that sex has become the focal point of the relationship or that it is not likely to move beyond the physical realm.

Other issues that deserve serious consideration include things like whether you and your partner plan on being sexually exclusive, and whether or not individual expectations are aligned. Last but certainly not least is the issue of safety. It is easy to forget about the risks when you are thrashing about in the throes of passion but if you are responsible enough to become sexually involved with your partner then you need to be responsible enough to play it safe by using protection every single time.

Sex can and often is a very healthy part of the dating world but if not taken seriously, it can also be a source for big trouble. Having respect for yourself as well as your partner and making informed, well thought-out decisions are vital aspects of initiating and maintaining a healthy sex life in today’s dating world.

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