Permission Slips, by Sherri Shepherd

Permission Slips, by Sherri Shepherd
You may now add author to the list, when you think of Sherri Shepherd. You know, Sherri!—comedian, actress, and co-host of The View. In her book, Permission Slips, Every Woman's Guide to Giving Herself a Break, Sherri expounds upon her life experience, trials, mistakes, and blessings. Through her teenage years, young adulthood, career, marriage, motherhood, divorce,and battle with diabetes, (and even time spent in jail), Sherri Shepherd candidly shares about learning how to give herself permission to make mistakes, learn from them, and enjoy life in spite of it all.

From the very first page, Ms. Shepherd's candidness and honesty will have you not wanting to put the book down, and laughing out loud. So if you plan on relaxing and drinking a cup of tea while reading this book—don't! You will spill it all over yourself! That is how humorous, and honest Permission Slips is.

I was impressed with the sheer honesty in which Ms. Shepherd shares with her readers. It is definitely a no-holds-bar book, written with such candidness, that I found myself saying out loud: I can't believe she said that! Oh no! She went there! Finally, someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about who they are, and their experiences.

One of things I liked most about, Permission Slips—was the ability to see myself in some of what Ms. Shepherd was sharing. I did say some! Because there are some things that will definitely have you shaking your head, and saying: Thank You Jesus, for protection!

Here are a few excerpts:

On Dating...
Page: 38, Write yourself a permission slip to leave any man who takes you to McDonald's on your first date. Like sex, fast-food dates should be saved for marriage.

On Marriage...
page:50, Write yourself a permission slip to be the ho in matrimony that you wished you'd been when you were single.

On Motherhood...
page: 218, Write yourself a permission slip to humiliate your children as you were humiliated. C'mon. Why should they be spared?

On Family...
page: 233, So write yourself a permission slip to love the parts of your family that are lovable, and forgive the rest.

On Diabetes...
page: Write yourself a permission slip to see the doctor once this year. So you don't have to see the doctor every month next year .

If you are looking for an easy, hilarious, honest and refreshing read—then Permission Slips is the book you should be reading. Get one for you, and one for that sister or girlfriend that you know is just like Sherri!

I always enjoy a good book. But I especially love a book that is honest and straightforward. I must admit; after reading Permission Slips, I have added a special prayer to my list for Sherri Shepherd. Why? Because I want God to bless her for being honest enough to share who she is without fear of what people are going to say. And for not being ashamed to talk about God. I can't tell you how many people I have met and seen in Ms. Shepherds position, who dare not utter the name God.

So in addition, I give Permission Slips, and Ms. Shepherd, two thumbs up! For a fantastic and engaging read. And the open and honest way Sherri Shepherd shares her heart and faith.

Go Get This Book!

On God...
"So write yourself a permission slip to come back to God at anytime. In fact, if you kneel while you scribble, you're halfway there." Page: 21

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