Vitamin D3, What You Need to Know

Vitamin D3,  What You Need to Know
As our national and world levels of chronic disease continues to sky rocket finally someone is telling us the truth about our need for vitamin D3 and how it can prevent cancer and many other serious diseases. I have personally cured my own long standing psoriasis with mega dosages of D3.

For many years we have been told by the FDA of the USA that vitamin D was important but that it was a dangerous vitamin to take and that too much could cause serious and dangerous health concerns. Since vitamin D3 is not readily available from most foods and our sun exposure has been increasingly limited due to increased time spent indoors and fears of skin cancer and use of sunblock, the FDA has allowed and promoted vitamin D to be put into milk. It was advised that supplementing further could be dangerous. The minimum dose of 200IU a day was found to preent rickets and milk now carries this dosage.

But the research over the years has proven that D3 is not dangerous and now some doctors and health educators have been working diligently to bring real vitamin D education to the public. Though their efforts vitamin D3 studies are hitting the media and the misconceptions about his important vitamin are being eradicated.

The first and most important misconception about vitamin D revolves around which form of it to use. For many years doctors supplemented their patients with vitamin D2. Studies indicate that D2 is not readily utilized and its effects are negligible. People have taken this vitamin anticipating results that never came to them.

Vitamin D3 is the correct form. There are now many hundreds of studies on vitamin D3 that can be found all though the scientific literature for examination on its benefits in preventing cancer, osteoporosis, immune disorders, bone fractures, falls, and for treatment of chronic diseases including psoriasis, asthma, heart disease, breast cancer and so many others.
The blood level considered as an acceptable range was 35. Recently it has been raised to 50. Previously high blood levels were considered to be of significant concern but now levels as high as 200 no longer carry the stigma of fear. Many naturopaths are stating that if one has a chronic disease that it is advantageous to keep blood levels between 60 and 90.

In order to obtain high and healthy levels of D3 in this day and age one must supplement. In discussing D3 levels with those I know and examining their blood levels every single person examined was low. Even people who are outside frequently. Some levels were as low as 11, 18 and 29 in middle age adults.
It has been proven that exposure to sunlight does not provide adequate levels of D3 especially amongst middle aged and elderly people. Those most likely to have normal levels are children who are permitted to play outside frequently without sun block on. Due to decreasing fatty deposits under the skin in elderly they become very high risk for D3 deficiency and the diseases it can foster.

In a bio-identical homomes conference I attended 2 years ago Dr Campbell spoke about the injections that nursing home patients in India receive of high levels of D3. 600,000 IU are administered yearly because D3 improves pelvic strength and gait stability, thus decreasing falls amongst this frail population.

Vitamin D3 will eliminate the need for a flu vaccine and studies indicate that it is a more reliable flu preventative that the flu vaccine. That’s not too hard to believe since the FDA came out this fall to announce that the flu vaccine as it has stood over the last years was not effective and hence it was now necessary to take the vaccine in triple strength. No thank you FDA, I say.

I have had the opportunity to make the observations of medical staff and patients taking the flu shot year after year. Many coworkers surrounding me got the flu as well as patients, some of which did die from flu complications. I will keep my D3, thank you, and allow the others to continue with their mad experiments based in FDA fear mongering and ignorance. I have not had the flu in many years and such is the reports of many who keep their levels of D3 above 50.

You do not need to go to a doctor to check your D3 levels but you do need the correct type of test. It is called the Vitamin D (25-Hydroxyvitamin D) Test and it is available through The Vitamin C Counsil for about $65 that you can by yourself at home. Insurance will generally cover for this test at a doctor's office.

The Life Extension foundation has done an analysis of D3 findings on its members. It is an eye opener and Grass Roots Heath, a nonprofit organization is sponsoring seminars and a D3 study that you can join for a nominal fee. You will have your D3 levels checked though them.

I strongly recommend that you get your D3 levels checked for all your family members and provide effective supplementation. I recommend the product called Biotech D3.

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