Product Test--Tape Seal

Product Test--Tape Seal
A lot of DIY people as well as professionals tape off rooms they are going to paint, to achieve precise and crisp lines. Edging is a very common place to tape, since there are numerous angles and curves, and where straight crisp lines can make all the difference between something looking professional, or something looking like it was done as an afterthought.

One of the problems with taping has always been bleeding paint. There are a few reasons for this, the largest being an uneven surface that is being painted, particularly textured wall surfaces, or the fact that with so much tape laid down, if it isn't pushed down hard and sealed 100%, you will get paint oozing underneath it in various spots. This is exactly where Tape Seal comes in.

It is actually very easy to use, as I found out, and it works like this.

Tape off your room, whether you are going to do edges or make a design on a wall or as a border area. Once taped, use a paintbrush, and apply Tape Seal to the edges of the tape while you overlap the wall. Essentially, sealing off the tape line itself. Now then, you have got to let Tape Seal dry, and the directions say 15 to 20 minutes when dry to the touch, but I wanted to make sure mine was good to go, so I waited almost 40 minutes before I began to apply my room paint. Just know that I was a bit conservative on this as I wanted to make sure it was absolutely dry before I began.

I'm sure dry times will vary, and more humidity in the air will cause a longer drying time. Just make sure it is dry to the touch, no stickiness, and you should be good to go.

I painted my tape line and literally attempted to force paint under the tape, using 3 different brushes to do this, from hard to soft bristles, as well as a roller for comparison. I was far more aggressive than the average DIY painter would have been, and after letting the paint dry overnight, I removed the tape.

Guess what, there was no paint bleed. The paint line was straight and crisp, and I could not detect the slightest influx of paint past the tape line. Had I been so aggressive without Tape Seal, I can easily assure anyone that there would have been gobs of paint that crossed over. But Tape Seal stopped any paint from getting under the paint, which means it does what they say it does.

And that, my friends, means I'm Sold!

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