Sometimes we come across quotes which, some might find odd, others might find ironic and others might think they are really interesting. Maybe odd isn't the right word, as when I was looking through these quotes which people have listed and defined as 'ODD' I realized a lot of them are clever, some are ironic, and others just make very little sense, which perhaps is to do with humour. I decided to pick out some which showed a mixture of all of these. I guess I realized no quotes are 'odd' if you put meaning to them.

I don't see how anyone could be happy at any school.
This first one I chose because of its randomness, one of the ones I would label as 'not making sense'. I think of it as an individual quotation, not a quote in the sense that people will read and relate too. However this could also be the case, if there are people that have the same feelings about school as this man did. What does it tell us? Well it tells us there are people who have different views on different situations... how can one person enjoy education and others despise it? It shades light on how people take different directions in life.

Cynical is a word used by the frightened to describe the realistic.
I chose this one as I felt it to be very opinionated and bias. What one might regard as being cynical, others might regard as being strong and see these sorts of qualities in them. They then might regard people who do not see this cynical nature in aspects of life as being scared... but I don't believe this is something that we should follow. Moreover, this quote seems to highlight some idea of jealousy... people might not be realistic but they can be happy, they might not judge every situation in the way in plans out but in doing this, will we ever be happy, if we only base things on what is realistic and not what we could dream?

Sometimes you need to do stuff you don't like to do stuff you do like.
I liked this quote, it seemed a bit of a tongue teaser when I first read it and I had to go over it in order to try and understand what it was saying. I think it is more talking about we can't always do what we want and get what we want. We can't go out and enjoy shopping and buying clothes without first having to go to work to earn the money. We can't be proud of ourselves for gaining a qualification or a degree without first having to work hours on end studying and learning. We get past these obstacles (stuff we don't luck) in order to reach stuff we do like.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
This quote cleverly separates two words which are normally tied together, to be imaginative and knowledgable... to know things in order to think of new things. It takes away the academic and technical side of success and brings this fresher quality which seems to apparently mean more than knowledge?

What do you think about these quotes?

Here are three more for you to ponder over...

I can resist everything except temptation. -- Oscar Wilde.

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

A half truth, masquerading as a whole truth, is a totally false truth.

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