Aselin Debison - The Music

Aselin Debison - The Music
Aeslin Debison is a young singer from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Over the years she has not only won over the hearts Maritimers but of many around the world as well. Today she has taken some time out of her busy schedule to share her love of music with us and even give us a few hints of what to expect on her upcoming album!

How important is music in your life?
---Music is everything. I don’t go anywhere with the stereo blasting in the car. I go to any concert that I can get tickets for. I’ve always got my iPod in my purse. It’s nothing for me to grab my guitar and play some tunes with Jonathan when the family is around.

You have released a number of albums throughout the years, which has been your personal favourite so far?
---Each album means something different to me. I love the Christmas album I did “The Littlest Angel” because it was so fun to make. We recorded in the middle of July with the studio covered in Christmas decorations. “Sweet is the Melody” came next, and was filled with great covers, and a fun, rootsy feel—not to mention I got to work with the likes of George Massenburg, and Peter Asher. Then with “Bigger Than Me” I felt like I was really coming into my own by co-writing all the songs on the album, which was a great experience for me. They we’re all very special.

Do you plan on ever making a second Christmas album?
--–I’ve never really thought about it.

Throughout the years who has been your biggest influence?
---Musically I’ve bounced around quite a bit. I grew up listening to country music, which to this day is my favorite. I only listened to the pop scene long enough to like it enough to want to make my own pop / rock record. Now that I’m older again, I’m still listening to country, but I’ve discovered classic rock in the past few years. I also love local music, because you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s a mix of pop and rock, sometimes country and roots, and sometimes it’s just out there. People like Bruce Guthro, The Rankin’s, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, The Guess Who, BTO, and countless others have made my music what it is today.

Your first two albums were mainly covers, but for your "Bigger Than Me" album you wrote your own music and songs. What made you want to do this?
---I always loved writing poems, and did it a lot growing up. When I started playing guitar, it only seemed natural to try and turn those words into lyrics, then add music behind them. It’s a great feeling when someone can read what you’ve written at the age of 14 and say, “This could make a great song.”

What gets you "in the zone" to write? What inspires you most?
---I don’t really have a zone. I’ve always found it difficult to just sit down and try to write. For me something has to hit me in order for me to grab a pen and start writing.

Would you say your music reflects your personality, do your songs give us a glimpse into your life?
---Some of my songs do. As I’ve said, sometimes I write about other people and things that I don’t really relate with, but there will be songs on the new album that are very personal.

What has been your biggest influence on this new album?
---Growing up, not only as a singer, but also as a writer as musician as a whole. Taking my time to make sure everything feel’s right. Of course I still take inspiration from friends, family, and strangers too.

Have you come up with a name the new album yet?
--–Not yet, It’s coming along slowly but surely. I wanted to take my time and make sure this album is everything I want it to be and more.

Can you tell us anything about it?
--–I don’t want to spoil anything, but hopefully everyone will be in for a surprise!

When can we expect to see it on store shelves?
--–Keep your fingers crossed, but hopefully sometime in the new year. But I won’t make any promises.

Will you be doing another tour to promote your newest album?
--–I hope so, the closer we get to finishing the album, the more details I’ll know. Right now its one step at a time.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
---Does anyone have Merle Haggard on speed dial? LOL! I’m a hardcore country fan, compliments of my grandmother. I grew up listening to people like Haggard, Cash, Charlie Pride, and all those other oldies but goodies. I LOVE The Eagles, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, CCR, BTO, anything country (old or new), and anything home grown. I’d love to write something with Jimmy Rankin or Dave Gunning- you know where to find me guys!

One final question Aselin, your music has really evolved throughout the years, what direction do you see it heading in the future?
---If I told you that, then what fun would the surprise be when my new album finally came out? All I’ll say is that I’m still writing, and still growing.


Aselin gave us such a long interview that I actually had to split it into three sections! The article you have just read is just one part of this, check out the realted links (listed below) to read about the early years of her career as well as her recent engagement!

Each of Aselin’s albums can be found at a music store near you or can be bought through Amazon by simply clicking on one of the direct links listed below.

Littlest Angel, Bigger Than Me, Sweet Is the Melody (Canadian Version)

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