Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth
If you want to attract new wealth into your life, a few simple and low cost Feng Shui tips can help you get started. This list of my top ten quick and easy Feng Shui tips includes such simple things as removing dead plants, clearing your clutter, cleaning your windows, and replacing burned out light bulb. Try a few of these Feng Shui tips for wealth today, and attract prosperity into your life tomorrow.

1. Clear Your Clutter. According to Feng Shui principles, clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. That means when you clear your clutter, you make room for new things to flow into your home. Take this Feng Shui challenge: clear out the junk drawer, the messy hall closet, or the garage, then step back and watch the good things flow into your life to fill the space you have made for them.

2. Clean Your Front Door. In Feng Shui, doors are considered the “mouth of chi” where all good energy enters your home. That means if your door is dirty or faded your ability to attract wealth into your home will be diminished. Be sure to dust and clean your door frequently, and repaint or replace it if it doesn’t send a positive message about your home.

3. Clean Your Windows. Windows are considered the "eyes" of your home in Feng Shui, and therefore dirty windows cloud your vision. When you clean your windows you bring clear vision of present and future opportunities back into your life. Whether you do it yourself or hire a service, be sure to clean your windows on a regular basis.

4. Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs. If your rooms are dim, so will be your financial future. Therefore, one of my favorite Feng Shui tips to attract wealth is to replace burned out bulbs and therefore brighten your possibilities.

5. Tighten Knobs and Door Handles. If your door handles and knobs are loose, in Feng Shui terms it means you can’t get a grip on your money and finances. Tighten knobs and handles, or replace broken ones, and you will strengthen your financial future.

6. Replace Dead Plants. Dead plants represent dead energy in Feng Shui, but when you replace them with healthy living plants you can grow wealth. If your plants always die, consider using high quality silk plants instead.

7. Keep the Toilet Lid Down. Water represents abundance in Feng Shui, so if your toilet lid is open you are symbolically flushing your abundance down the toilet. Keep the toilet lid closed and you will retain more of your wealth.

8. Avoid Under Bed Storage. If you have clutter under your bed you won’t sleep well, and lost sleep represents lost opportunities. Therefore, avoid storing anything under your bed so opportunities can flow around you. If you have limited closet space, make sure you only store soft things under your bed, like out of season clothes, rather than exercise equipment.

9. Clean Your Mirrors. If your mirrors are hazy you can’t see yourself, or your finances, clearly. However, when you clean your mirrors on a regular basis they reflect a clear image, and clear insight into your future opportunities.

10. Fix Drips and Leaks. Water is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, so leaking water means you are losing your wealth. When you stop the leak, you stop the drain on your finances.

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