Word Search Droid

Word Search Droid
Word Search for the droid is a great way to keep your little grey cells active, to pass the time in an entertaining way, and perhaps to learn a few new words!

word search In essence this is like doing those standard word search puzzles that you find in magazines, newspapers, and books, but with your fingers. You are presented a grid of letters, laid out to look as if they were done with chalk on a chalk board. Below the letters are a list of eight words that are located somewhere in this grid. You can see in this example how it works.

Then you use your finger to drag your way from the start to the end of that word that you've found. SO let's say for example you are looking for the word "Maternal" here in this word search. You look all around to find that combination of letters. Wait! There it is - it's on the bottom, backwards. So you put your finger on the "M" and drag left to the "L". The word highlights in green, the lower word on the "search list" fades away, and now you have eight words left to go.

If you really get stuck you can ask for a hint - When you do, one of the words temporarily lights up in yellow on the grid to help you see where it is. I wouldn't quite call that a hint - it's more like it's completely giving away one of the locations. Couldn't they just highlight the first letter, or even the area the first letter is in, to make it a little less easy?

There's a timer in the lower left to see how quickly it's going.

There are different customizations - you can change the background and look of the game, you can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters, you can ramp the difficulty up. The system keeps track of your high scores so you can strive to get more quick at the task!

I like that the game is like a "brain training quiz". When you read all the studies about use-it-or-lose-it with your brain, this is exactly the type of thing they recommend you do every day to keep your brain humming smoothly. So it's fun to play - and it's good for your mental health as well!

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