Romance Defined

Romance Defined
Though it may seem like a no-brainer to some, there are many people who just don’t seem to understand what true romance is all about. Yes, giving your sweetie a traditionally romantic gift like flowers, candy or chocolates is one way to make him/her feel special but no amount of “stuff” will ever be able to achieve the bond-strengthening depths that are produced by the kind of romantic gestures that you can’t buy in a store. Hard as retailers may try to convince you otherwise, romance is not something that can easily be bought. True romance lies not in material goods but in the nurturing of emotions. It is all about the little things that you say or do in order to regularly remind your partner that you care for and appreciate him/her.

The excitement and novelty of a new romance makes it easy to be romantic during the early stages of dating. This is a time when your partner may seem to stand at the very center of your universe and your mind may be overwhelmingly preoccupied with thoughts of your partner and the allure of endless romantic possibilities. Inevitably, however, the rip currents hidden deep within the river of time have a habit of sweeping that novelty and all of the feelings that come with it right into a watery grave. It is at this juncture when new couples discover what their romantic connection is really made of. If it was based on novelty, appearances, sexual chemistry or any other superficial foundation, chances are that the flames of romance will fizzle out rather quickly and that no romantic gesture will be able to substitute for the depth that is lacking in the partnership. If, on the other hand, two people have genuinely developed a bond that stretches far beyond the surface, romance will ultimately serve to enhance that bond and strengthen the emotions that have been invested into it.

It is important to remember, however, that no matter how solid of a foundation a partnership may have been built on, it needs to be nurtured carefully if it is to survive the test of time. The trials and tribulations of everyday life pose a pretty big threat to enduring romance. There will be many days when you or your partner will be stressed out, tired, and perhaps even cranky. There will be other days when you both find yourselves in this state of mind simultaneously. It can sometimes become dangerously easy to take each other and the partnership for granted when outside pressures begin to seep into the relationship. One way to keep those pressures in check is to play an active role in keeping the romance alive. There is a general misconception, which implies that romance is something that occurs naturally between two people. While this may be true to some extent, the reality is that enduring romance is something that requires a certain degree of effort from the parties that wish to keep the flames burning bright.

Of course romance will likely mean different things to different people but to me, romance is the ongoing demonstration of love and appreciation that one person has for another. So don't waste another moment...take this opportunity to let your partner know how much you really care.

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