Forgiveness In Islam

Forgiveness In Islam
Chapter 64, verse 14
O you, who believe, your spouses and your children can be your enemies, beware. If you pardon, forget and forgive, then God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

How many times have you forgiven someone for a misdemeanour? How many times have you had to ask someone to forgive you for a transgression?

To say you are sorry for hurting another of God’s creations does not come easy for some people. To say you are sorry can never make anything right again, but it gives the other person, who is hurt, the choice to forgive and forget.

If you cannot forgive someone for their misbehaviour, then you cannot expect other people to forgive you for the offense you may cause in your lifetime.

No matter how bad something may seem, no matter what harm has been done, when forgiveness is involved, the normal rhythm can resume. Holding on to feelings that cause harm to both parties will never resolve the problems that we all have to face.

If someone has done something that you consider ‘bad’ to you, it is in your best interest to get over those feelings and move on with life. Deal with it here and now. To continually ponder over wrong doings will leave you living in the past where nothing moves and everything is stagnant.

To live fully is to live in the moment, this moment, now. So if you are always thinking about something ‘bad’ that happened to you in the past, you are never going to be living. For living is now, in the moment.

Nothing is so bad that it cannot be forgiven because everything is God’s will. Even those things we consider so bad, that we kill the person responsible for the crime, and say that it is justice, are forgivable. Only God can take a life. Anything is forgivable.

If God can forgive us for the many sins we commit against ourselves and each other in a lifetime, then we can ask for and give forgiveness to each other. It is not hard to find forgiveness for someone else. It is harder to live with the pain that not forgiving someone can bring.

Compassion is a human quality that we have been given so that we can care for each other. Forgiveness is a tool we can use to improve the quality of the human condition. Is there someone you could forgive today?

Imagine how much better you could feel and how much further forward you could move if you would forgive everything ‘bad’ that has happened in your life. Understand that everything is the will of God, but that you have a choice, the freedom of choice, in everything you do.

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