Adam Man Of The Earth

Adam Man Of The Earth
After the feud in the High Society,(which I talk about in the article 'Why We Are Here On Earth' for which there is a related link at the bottom of this article) God split the creations up into four categories. The human beings were the creatures who needed proof that Satan (Iblis) would not perform as well as God. God gave us a body, a brain and freedom of choice and a world on which to live and make up our minds, with Satan as the god of the planet. God sent us to Earth to test us, to see who will obey God or who will follow Satan.

Chapter 15, verses 26 - 31
We created the human being from aged mud, like the potter's clay. As for the jinns, we created them, before that, from blazing fire. Your Lord said to the angels, "I am creating a human being from aged mud, like the potter's clay. Once I perfect him, and blow into him from My spirit, you shall fall prostrate before him." The angels fell prostrate; all of them, except Iblis (Satan). He refused to be with the prostrators.

God made a mate for this human and from them evolved all of the previous, all of the present and all of the future generations who subsist on Earth.

Chapter 4, verse 1
O people, observe your Lord; the One who created you from one being, and created from it its mate, then spread from the two many men and women. You shall regard God, by whom you swear, and regard the parents. God is watching over you.

God then put these new creatures into Paradise and told them that they would never hunger or thirst or suffer from heat. God told them they can eat anything except the fruit of one tree. They were warned to stay away from Satan because he would cause their downfall and eviction from Paradise. The name Adam means ‘man of the earth’.

Chapter 7, verse 19
"As for you, Adam, dwell with your wife in Paradise, and eat therefrom as you please, but do not approach this one tree, lest you fall in sin."

Chapter 20, verses 116-117
Recall that we said to the angels, "Fall prostrate before Adam." They fell prostrate, except Satan; he refused. We then said, "O Adam, this is an enemy of you and your wife. Do not let him evict you from Paradise, lest you become miserable.

But Adam and his wife forgot what God had told them and they listened to Satan and they ate from the forbidden tree. In the Quran God does not blame the first woman (Eve, Hawwa) for being the one who tempted man into disobeying God. God says they both ate from it, both are equally to blame, both were to blame for their own disobedience, both are responsible for their own sin. Woman is not to blame for the downfall of the human race.

Chapter 20, verse 121
They ate from it, whereupon their bodies became visible to them, and they tried to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise. Adam thus disobeyed his Lord, and fell.

They were then cast out of Paradise and sent down to Earth, which is a tiny planet in the farthest universe from God. Here Adam and his wife started the process of human beings being born to each other until there are no more creations left to be tested. There are an estimated 8.2 billion humans on the planet today and there are billions more to come.

Chapter 7, verses 24 -27
He said, "Go down as enemies of one another. On earth shall be your habitation and provision for a while." He said, "On it you will live, on it you will die, and from it you will be brought out. O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of God's signs, that they may take heed. O children of Adam do not let the devil dupe you as he did when he caused the eviction of your parents from Paradise, and the removal of their garments to expose their bodies. He and his tribe see you, while you do not see them. We appoint the devils as companions of those who do not believe."

God lets us know that the devils (jinn) are with us all of the time trying to persuade us that Satan (Iblis) is worthy of worship alongside God. Those who disbelieve in God and his scriptures are the ones who are most tempted by the devils. God also lets us know that we are the enemies of one another, as the first humans showed, and that we should only rely on God and ourselves to do what we think is right in this life time. All of us have to make our own decisions. We cannot blame anyone else for our actions or our thoughts.

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