Feng Shui For Your Foyer

Feng Shui For Your Foyer
In Feng Shui, the front door is considered the “mouth of chi” where all the good energy enters your home, and the foyer is the first room in your home that this positive energy gets to visit. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how you arrange your foyer, the paint color you choose, and the artwork you hang on the walls.

The first Feng Shui rule of arranging and decorating a foyer is to avoid placing a mirror directly across from the front door, because it reflects the good energy right back out. You can hang a mirror on a side wall to reflect in more light, to bring in more chi, and to activate the Feng Shui Water Element, but it's best not to hang it across from your entrance.

Hang your favorite art across from the front door to make you feel positive when you leave each morning and welcomed back home each night. In general, art in the foyer reveals a lot about you, both to yourself and your guests, so if you have one piece of art that symbolizes your overall dreams, hang it in the foyer.

Water represents wealth in Feng Shui, so it's useful to hang art in the foyer that has images of water to represent wealth gently flowing into your home. Avoid images of snow or frozen water because they represent frozen wealth. If you face a wall when you enter the door, hang a picture of a landscape that includes water so you are symbolically looking through the wall to a pleasant view, instead of being pushed back out the door. The foyer is also an excellent place for a fountain.

Keep your foyer as clutter-free as possible. Avoid storing suitcases here because they represent constantly being on the move. Make sure there is nothing stored behind your door, because blocked doors mean blocked opportunities. Avoid storing shoes in your foyer because this represents walking away from a peaceful life at home. Instead, keep them in a closed cabinet. If you have room in your foyer, include a small table where you and your guests can drop your keys and purse when you enter.

Keep the area rugs in your foyer clean, even if this means replacing them often during the winter months when they can get dirty quickly. Choose an oval or round rug for the foyer and avoid a long runner, especially if your front door lines up with the back door. Doors that line up pull the energy out of your house, and a long runner will accentuate the problem.

Install good lighting in your foyer, and paint your walls a neutral or earth tone color to brighten up the space and make it welcoming. Avoid colors like red and dark purple in the foyer, because these are Fire Element colors that don't belong in the front of a home.

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