The differences between pro choice and anti choice

The differences between pro choice and anti choice
Recently a reader asked the question as to whether or not there was a difference between the two sides. I decided to write this article on some of the differences and issues between the two. In some ways they are very similar and in some ways vastly different. It is and will always be my hope that instead of going against each other the two could join forces and work together in a compromise that everyone is satisfied with.

Until then, there are two sides, and here at BellaOnline, a site for each.

Although it is the more widely used term, I disagree with the words pro life. It’s an insinuation that the pro choice side is against life, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. In my opinion, the term should be anti choice, because that is the position of pro life supporters.

The main point of the pro choice side is that a woman has the right to do with her own body as she sees fit and puts the already born woman’s life ahead of the unborn fetus. The anti choice side believes life begins at conception and puts the fetus’s life in precedence over the pregnant woman.

The anti choice supporters often believe abstinence or protection is the perfect answer for never needing an abortion. They want the law changed, making abortion illegal.

The problem with that is that abstinence is not realistic, and protection isn’t infallible, always easily accessible, or affordable. Rape and incest also play a role in making abortion a necessity but the anti choice side disagrees and feels adoption is the best way, disregarding the woman’s opinion, or feelings.

Regardless of when life begins, the facts are that women will always have abortions. Making it illegal won’t change that. We’ve been there already and thousands of women and ultimately their fetuses died as a result. Not one loss, but two.

The only real answer is to work hard, and make healthcare, birth control and abortions more affordable and accessible. It doesn’t make women run out by the hundreds to have one. No woman wants to be in that position, but it is a very real part of life. Lives of women already living, the best they can.

Easy and cheap access to birth control will help lessen the need for abortions, but the anti choice side focuses mostly on the abortions themselves, rather than prevent their need.

Prevention is the key. We need to stop struggling over it and put it to good use.

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