Victoria - State Emblems and Flags

Victoria - State Emblems and Flags
Each of the six States and two Territories that make up Australia have certain emblems and flags that are unique to each state. Let us look at the state of VICTORIA.

State of Victoria Flag

The flag of Victoria is made up of the British Blue Ensign in the top left hand corner and the State Badge of Victoria in the fly section of the flag, which is the section that is furthermost distance from the flagpole. This flag was adopted in 1877 and has not changed since that time.

State of Victoria Coat of Arms and Badge of Victoria

The State of Victoria was named after Queen Victoria and this particular coat of arms was first authorised by her grandson King George V in 1910. The Coat of Arms consist of two females, representing Peace and Prosperity (the motto), with a kangaroo holding a crown, and the state floral emblem Common Health growing from the centre. The Southern Cross is also present, in the blue Coat of Arms.
The Victorian State Badge which is found on the flag consists of the Southern Cross with the Imperial Crown above.

Victoria MOTTO

Pace et prosperitate
Peace and Prosperity


The Floral emblem of Victoria is the beautiful Epacris impressa known as the Common Heath. This shrub is native to the south-east of Australia and has a burst of pink flowered bells that are simply stunning. Flowering occurs usually at the end of Autumn through to the middle of Spring and can be seen across a wide variety of landscapes, including bushland, and alpine plains.

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This absolutely delightful animal, Leadbeater’s Possum is a tiny little mammal that lives in very small pocket of remaining old grown mountain ash forests that are found in the central highlands of Victoria. This little cutie is in fact endangered and is currently the subject of conservation efforts amongst environmentalists who see these little possums as a vital part of the ecology and must to be saved from extinction. This species was named after John Leadbeater, a respected taxidermist at the Museum of Victoria.


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The Helmeted Honeyeater Lichenostomus melanops cassidix) is songbird from the Honeyeater family. Unfortunately, similar to the Victorian animal emblem, this bird is critically endangered. This tiny bird exists in small pockets of forests in Victoria, particularly in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. This exquisite honeyeater exists in the wild only in a tiny population in the Australian state of Victoria, and also in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve. It is Victoria’s only bird that is native to the forests of Victoria.

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The Victorian Marine Emblem is the exotic Weedy Sea Dragon, a variation of marine fish that is related to the common seahorse. This very outlandish seahorse has wonderful colouration and has a number of appendages that float about it as it swims. The Weedy Sea Dragon is found only in waters of the eastern Indian Ocean and is found right along the Victorian coastline. The sea dragon enjoys the coastal waters of around 50 metres deep, and habitats include rocky reefs, seaweed beds, seagrass meadows and artificial structures laid claim to seaweed.

Navy Blue and White are the chosen Colour emblems for the State of Victoria.

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