First Trimester of a Twin Pregnancy

First Trimester of a Twin Pregnancy
Your first trimester of a twin pregnancy can be a very overwhelming period. You have double the hormones and everything from nausea to mood swings is twice as bad as with any other pregnancy. Soon you will find that even though you've might have had children before, this is a whole new ball game. So what can you expect during your first trimester?

Due Date is predicted

During your first appointment your doctor will tell you when your due date is. It is very important that you discuss any medical history and past pregnancy issues as this will help your doctor prepare for the months ahead. You might also want to discuss the fact that most multiples are born within the 36th week. Prepare for this so that you are not too overwhelmed towards the end of your pregnancy.

Say Cheese!
Lots and lots of ultrasounds. Doctors want to make sure that everything is progressing in a healthy manner. There is no better way than getting ultrasounds so start purchasing baby albums now! Do not be too alarmed if Baby A and Baby B do not measure or weigh the exact same. Remember that no two individuals ever develop at the same rate. This rule applies to twins as well. Unless your health care provider says there is something wrong or alarming you should rest easy knowing that your little buns will be alright. Do not be surprised if you have an ultrasound during every visit. This is perfectly normal during a multiple pregnancy.

Morning, afternoon and night sickness

Why do they call it morning sickness when you're sick all day? Beats me! I was sick most of the day during my twin pregnancy. It is however very important that you keep yourself hydrated and that you try to consume at least 600 calories more a day than what you would normally. Try eating healthy snacks and non-fried foods. I also found that sucking on a lollipop helped my nausea. Do not worry. This usually passes after the first trimester.

Cramping and discomfort

Slight cramping and discomfort is a very normal feeling during your first trimester. It is often a way for your body to tell you that it is preparing for the pregnancy. This cramping is usually caused by your growing uterus and many times this affects muscles in the abdominal area. Sexual intercourse, constipation and gas might also produce slight cramping but this is all perfectly normal.
Although it is very common to feel slight discomfort and occasional cramping you should always contact your health care provider. He or she can take another look and give you the reassurance that you need.

Feeling physically drained

It is perfectly normal for you to lack energy and feel drained at this time. Remember to follow the signs that your body is giving you and to take it easy during your pregnancy. You will not be able to accomplish everything your list every day. You are giving life to two human beings and your body sometimes just needs you to pause every so often so if you feel especially tired, sit down or take a nap. Your list can wait!

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