Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio brings our lovable little angry birds with their sling-shot attacks into the beautiful world of Rio. Best of all, they're now helping to free their feathered friends.

While I'd been playing Angry Birds and Angry Birds Holiday on my Droid phone, I used my iTouch to download Angry Birds Rio. I was curious if gameplay was any different. I was happy to see that the game really plays about the game on both systems. No matter what you have, you can enjoy the world of Angry Birds.

As much as I loved the kill-the-green-pigs missions of the previous game, I have to admit that my heart was quite happy at the thought that the Angry Birds were now using their talents to free caged birds. That's a much nicer thought for me, to be helping birds go free, than to be continually killing pigs. Even if they are green pigs.

I love the little touches here. The lights sway when you hit them. The special pineapples you have to find are a nice touch.

I admit I felt a slight twinge at the idea that the Angry Birds people had sold out to promote an animated feature movie - but really do I care *that* much? The birds are fun. The game is fun. I'm not going to see the movie. If it helps get us more Angry Bird games, that's all that matters.

It was interesting that Amazon was allowing free downloads if you used their system, but the iTunes store on my iTouch was charging. I was more than happy to pay the tiny fee to buy it though. I think the creators are amazing for providing what they do and I am quite happy to help support them.

The Angry Birds people are reporting that there were over 10 million downloads of this new Rio game in less than a month. That's quite phenomenal! It goes to show just how addictive these little birds are.

Is there a downside here? I suppose you have to have one of these hand held units. Also, you have to have relatively good dexterity. Since everything is done by dragging and dropping the little slingshot, if your hand is shaky you'll have a lot of trouble handing it.

But once you get past that restriction, the games are quite a lot of fun!

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