Home Office Feng Shui

Home Office Feng Shui
I work from home in a home office, and I absolutely want that work to go as smoothly as possible. This is where feng shui comes in. The principles of feng shui can help ensure your home office is as comfortable and success oriented as possible. Here is how.

The room should be neat and organized. I know this is tough! Despite my best efforts my home office can degrade into a giant mess with the greatest of ease. Take it in small chunks. Invest just five minutes a day to clean up one corner. You'll be amazed at how it adds up, and at how much smoother it helps all your work run.

Try to set up your desk so it faces the door and windows. That way you feel secure and comfortable. It's a built-in human trait to want to feel protected. Nobody likes having people sneak up behind them. It's well worth reorganizing your office space so you are facing the door.

Color is incredibly powerful in a home office. It's good to have it bright, so you can see what you're doing and feel energized. But you also don't want it to feel sterile and blazing white, because that can make you feel uncomfortable. All of us have different color preferences. Think about the colors that make YOU feel energized and alive. I adore tranquil blues, but I know people who thrive in yellow. Experiment with different colors to see which energizes you the most.

Plants can be tough to keep alive, but their green adds a sense of serenity and growth to your world. Play with different plants until you find one that thrives in your location. You can also use pictures of plants if an actual one is simply impossible.

Stale air can drag you down immensely. It is amazing how much air quality affects us. If you don't have a window, think about an air filter or other device to help ensure you have fresh air to breathe while you are "stuck" in this space for hours on end.

I highly recommend a fountain. The sound is soothing, and the humidity can be helpful as well.

Clutter really is the key. Every few months go through the books and other items you have around you. Do you use them? Do you need them? Can you donate them to friends or charity? Put the things you use often within easy reach. Store the rest in an organized way. You'll find the space helps free your mind to be creative and fresh!

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