Abortion Myth Busters

Abortion Myth Busters
The war on abortion is intense right now and the myths about abortion are not helping choice at all. If you ever read the paper or watch the news then you know already that a new study comes out daily on the things that are and are not good for you. For my own health, I have for the most part stopped listening. I remember vividly when it was studied that eggs were terrible for you, and most definitely would be the cause of your early demise. Only to turn around and say actually, they are great for you and the “incredible edible egg” campaign was born.

Every one I know and do not know owns a cell phone. Yet study after study continues to be conducted concerning whether or not they will give you brain cancer.

Don’t get me wrong, studies are incredibly important and must continue so that we can find ways to cure or prevent illnesses, but I am over the constantly fluctuating inconclusive ones meant to scare you one way or the other.

These are just a few of the myths about abortion.

1. Abortion causes breast cancer: The truth is they have no solid scientific evidence that this is true. To date, there have been flaws in many of the studies, putting everyone back at square one. What we do know is that hormone changes can be involved in causing cancer cells and that hormones change with pregnancy. That means all pregnancies, not just ones that end in abortions. There could be increased risk for women who miscarry or carry to full term and deliver.

What we do know may cause breast cancer in women is: menstruating at an early age or going through menopause at a late one, your age, family history, some breast conditions, and having your first child late in life.

2. Abortion risks women’s future fertility: There are risks in any medical or surgical procedure. There is no evidence that a safe and legal abortion with no complications poses any risk to a woman’s future ability to have children.

3. Abortion is more dangerous than giving birth: This is another lie used by anti choice supporters. Giving birth has a higher mortality rate than having an abortion. The safest time for an abortion is in the first trimester and the risk rate increases with gestation. Carrying a baby to full term and delivery is statistically shown to be much riskier than an abortion.

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