Permanent Contraception

Permanent Contraception
How and when do you make the decision not to have any more children? For me the time is now. I am scheduled to have a sterilization procedure near the end of the month. Here are some of the questions and possible answers to help you make your decision.

Age- In many cases if you are under 30 years of age and have no children, doctors will be reluctant to perform the procedure, for fear you may change your mind. If you already have children and have decided you do not want anymore, you are more likely to find doctors receptive to the idea.

Children- Have you had any, and how many. Most doctors consider this and most women looking to permanent contraception will too.

Finances- Are you financially secure enough to have more children? With the rising costs and slow economy, you may find yourself deciding that more children are not a feasible choice for you and your family.

Spouse or Partner- Most women will take into consideration what their partner’s wishes are. Do they have children, are their children with you, and all the other factors that you will consider are a consideration of theirs as well.

Future relationships- As difficult as it may be to think about, any relationship can end at any time. If it were to happen to yours, would you consider children with another partner? Would you consider children with another partner if that person does not have children of their own?

Permanent or reversible- Which type do you lean more towards? There are several reversible types, but then again, a doctor might be more hesitant to perform the procedure if you made your decision based on hesitation.

Which one- There are several ways and procedures that can be performed in permanent contraception. If you are near to having a baby, it may make more sense to have the procedure correlate to the time of childbirth. If not, you may want a less invasive procedure.

Lifestyle- Are your kids either past toddler stage or nearly grown? Are you comfortable with the way your life is now, and would it be a complete upheaval if you found yourself suddenly pregnant?

Contraception- Are you comfortable with the method you are currently using to prevent pregnancy? Is it method you will always be comfortable with or that will suit you through menopause? The birth control pill for instance becomes more of a risk to a women’s health after she reaches a certain age.

I will be sure to come back, do an article on my own procedure, and discuss which one I chose later

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