Our Relationship with Israel

Our Relationship with Israel
The words came out of his mouth but it was almost hard to believe. Obama was suggesting that Israel return to 1967 borders? The first American president to take what many believe is a step back from support of Israel. Now of course since then, he has tried to downplay his intentions. He says his comment was misinterpreted.

But Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu told Congress yesterday, May 24, 2011, that although they will be “generous” in giving land back to establish a Palestinian state…no thank you Mr. President (I am putting those words in his mouth), but we will not return to the 1967 borders. Furthermore, they will not agree to a divided Jerusalem.

Minimally, we have obvious tension between the two leaders and it really does leave many of us to wonder what this will do to our relationship with Israel.

Now here is a little history for you. The land of Israel has never belonged to the Palestinians. In A.D. 130 the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, labeled Palaestina but there was never a country or nation called Palestine. So if there was never a designated nation or country, then “their” land could not have been taken.

On the other hand however, Israel has always been an independent nation in the Holy Land. Yet they gave up the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians for peace. What good has that done? It is now run by the Hamas, a terrorist organization that is intent on destroying Israel.

At one time that area of land was occupied by Egypt and Jordan (between 1948 and 1967), yet there was never an issue. It wasn’t until Israel gained control that it suddenly became “occupied” by the Jews.

Israel has always been more willing to bend in order to achieve peace. This has become evident yet again, with Netanyahu’s willingness to give some. However he is not willing to do it at the expense of his people. He will not allow his nation to become indefensible.

In John Hagee’s book, “In Defense of Israel,” he says: “Asking Israel to work with Fatah and their leader Abbas is like asking America to give New York to al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.”

Innocent Jewish people are killed or experience violence on a daily basis by Palestinian terrorists. Are we so far removed from this that we can’t see the foolishness in asking Israel to return to a state in which they are likely to be completely destroyed?

We owe it to Israel and the Jewish people to stand behind them. The nation that supports Israel is a blessed one, if you happen to believe in what the Bible says. They were the chosen people of God and those who come against them risk divine retribution.

No matter what you think biblically, morally or otherwise, America always has stood behind Israel and my hope is that we will continue to. President Obama has put a dent in the relationship that I hope can be repaired.

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