Congressman Anthony Weiner's Scandal

Congressman Anthony Weiner's Scandal
There is a part of me that really doesn’t want to spend my time writing an entire article on Congressman Anthony Weiner. But there is another part of me that has reached this point of just being fed up. And Mr. Weiner is responsible for putting me over the top.

The story breaks that the shot of a crotch sent to a young woman could be his. But Weiner adamantly denies he sent it. He insists that his Twitter account was hacked. Yet when asked if the picture belongs to him, he doesn’t really say.

Now I am sure that the majority of us knew from the beginning that his Twitter account had never been hacked into. Perhaps those closest to him were falling for the story but the rest of us…well, we knew the truth.

So how does he handle the situation? The typical way…he lies. But what really gets to me is that he didn’t just lie once. He continued to lie and he continued to go on interview after interview making it sound like he is a victim. I think that is what gets me most. Why agree to all of these interviews and dig yourself a deeper hole?

But then he finally confesses to the truth. Not only was that his picture and he sent it, but he has sent “numerous” other explicit pictures to several women.

Do people really think they are not going to get caught? Every time I hear a story (John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) like this, I am just amazed at how stupid these people are. I am already tired of politicians but these latest incidences are really making me question if any leadership in the United States has integrity.

Now to top it all off…Weiner is refusing to step down. Although he expressed his remorse (the sincerity of that is obviously questionable) at what he has done to his wife, his constituents and those closest to him, he won’t quit.

His political career (I hope) is over with. I hope that we as Americans won’t dismiss these types of acts and not take into consideration that when someone in the public is willing to take these kinds of risks, they can’t be trusted. Nor can they be trusted when they can so easily lie.

And not even everyone in his own party is backing him up. Nancy Pelosi is looking into whether or not charges could be filed against him. That is, if he used congressional resources while sending his pictures.

While some may tout that what our leadership does during their private time doesn’t affect us, I challenge that. Anyone who leads has a responsibility to represent themselves in the best manner possible. There are just simply some things those in leadership should refrain from and sending explicit pictures of yourself is one of them…in my opinion.

Where is there any accountability for his actions? He gets to just apologize and move on as a congressman without any repercussions? What about the lying? We are so quick here sometimes in America to dismiss that.

But I don’t believe we should have known liars representing our country. I realize we cannot police liars and I am not suggesting such a thing. However when a clear-cut, damaging lie is exposed then it should be appropriately dealt with.

Who will be the next politician exposed in a scandal? I realize our country faces much more serious things. But the character of our leadership is important in my view and it cannot be excluded from consideration with the voters. I guess time will tell and the voters will make the final decision on his fate. I just hope they choose the right thing.

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