Peace Talks With the Taliban

Peace Talks With the Taliban
It hasn’t been talked about much on the news but the U.S. has apparently been engaged in preliminary peace talks with the Taliban. While the hope is to find a solution to the Afghan war, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, progress isn’t expected to be made for several months…try never at all.

There is no rationale to believing that we can come to a peaceful resolution with Taliban leaders. While some like to equate those in the Taliban to us everyday folks, there is really a striking contrast.

Sometimes I think Americans have a really hard time distinguishing between good and evil. I’m talking pure, unadulterated evil. I realize that we see our fair share of evil here in America, just take the ongoing Casey Anthony case. Here in our country we deal with monstrous atrocities that are at times hard to wrap our minds around.

But there is still no comparison to what the Taliban represents when it comes to evil. They go beyond the surface level of evil (if you were to attempt to put it at certain levels). They reach the lowest depths of evil that there is.

They commit acts like using children and teens as suicide bombers and women as shields. Women and children have absolutely no rights. They are nothing but dirt on the bottom of the men’s sandals. It is hard to say how many people have been beheaded or stoned to death. And not for good reasons (if there ever would really be such a thing as a good reason to have this happen).

So the idea of attempting to have peace talks with them is just, in my humble opinion, ludicrous. It is a desperate and fruitless attempt to somehow make things right…when the reality is that we won’t be able to. We cannot change the situation in Afghanistan. We won’t change it by staying there and we won’t change it by leaving. So it makes absolutely no sense to keep our troops there.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan was one of the promises that Obama made before he took office. Yet here we are, now trying to solve things by talking with the Taliban. They have no interest in peace. They have their own agenda and it doesn’t line up with ours.

So apparently the talks also involve Pakistan. The British are facilitating…how cozy. This all sounds very nice but it is completely unrealistic.

Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban, wants us out. The majority of U.S. citizens want us out. Yet there is the fear of what will happen to the progress that has been made. Yes, that is very real and it is very likely that the Taliban will take over. But we cannot police every nation. There comes a point when we just have to admit that we cannot change things.

I think it may be a prideful American thing, to feel like we have been somehow defeated. But we are dealing with an enemy, an evil that we cannot even fathom. We cannot possibly understand the thinking of terrorists. We certainly cannot make peace with them.

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