Handling the Stress of Infant Twins

Handling the Stress of Infant Twins
A crying baby can frustrate anyone, anywhere; whether it is theirs or not. Having two crying babies, well that can be downright overwhelming. Many times during my twins' infant stages I found myself with two crying babies trying very hard to not cry myself. It's a very emotional time in one's life when you realize that you have more babies than you can possibly hold and comfort immediately. What do you do? Are you the only twin parent going through this? Everyone makes it sound so simple! Did you not receive the “Crying Babies Memo”?

Here are some tips that you can follow when the situation seems out of control:


This might sound obvious, but many times when you are stressed you don't take the time to actually breathe in and out. Take your time, and make them long, deep breaths. Remember that this is only temporary, and that it shall soon pass.

Take a moment to think.

Make sure that the twins are in a safe place and leave the room for two minutes. During that time go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face. Have a cold glass of water and think about your next step. Is there a musical mobile that you can turn on for one while you hold the other? Why is it that they are crying? Is it close to feeding time? Is the temperature ok in the room? Do you think they have too much clothing on? Maybe not enough? Is the diaper full?

If you think you can, you can!

Keep telling yourself that this is only temporary and that you have the power to calm your babies now. Keep saying to yourself “I can do this. This is no biggie. I can handle this situation because I am Super Mom/Dad!” I must confess, to this day I still find myself chanting this in my head. Channel the power of positive thinking...

Vitamin D anyone?

Never underestimate the effects of some fresh air and sunlight. I know it might sound a little off the wall, but a little Vitamin D really does the body good and can help perk up your spirits! No need to pack up for a long trip, just put them in the stroller and walk around your neighborhood. Give them a little change of scenery. I have yet to meet a set of twins that do not enjoy a nice stroll outside!

Caffeine can become your enemy.

As parents of multiples we learn very quickly that drinking coffee or soft drinks during the middle of the day can give you that much needed pick me up. We must also keep in mind that an excess of caffeine can also make you jittery. This is not something that you want to experience while handling multiples. Maybe drinking less caffeine will help you feel a little more calm during such stressful times.

Stop everything else.

I know some things around the house (and everywhere else) simply must get done for your sanity. However, you must remember that the babies are number one on the priority list, and everything else must wait. Do what you need to do to comfort your babies. Forget about your wonderful "To Do" list and remember that tomorrow is another whole day to finish it. Take down a notch and give yourself some credit... many parents of singletons get flustered by just one baby. You have two, and you deserve to be a little crazy sometimes!

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