Reflecting Upon My Independence

Reflecting Upon My Independence
As I think of Independence Day and all that it entails; I wonder how many of us are still truly not free and cannot seem to be rid of the chains that seem to keep our life stagnate and our hearts and minds oppressed.

We fight for so many things. We fight to have the right to say what we want. We fight to have the right to do what we need to do to protect our families. We fight sometimes over frivolous things. But how many of us fight for the freedom that God has promised is ours? How many of us have given up, and have fallen for the lies of the enemy?

It is time for us to know the word of God and stand firm in the fact that God says that we are already victorious; that we are free, through Jesus, and must begin each day as Independence Day. We are free from the lies; from the chains of the enemy; from the sins of our past; from past mistakes. Each day is a brand new day, and God says whatever we ask for in His Son’s name according to His will we can have.

Aren’t you tired of allowing the enemy to beat on you; scare you; and throw your past and the mistakes you may have made in your face? Then open your mouth and declare your freedom in Christ. Declare your independence from the old way of life and the lying, deceitful words of the enemy! Put him under your feet where he belongs, with your foot on his neck!

Too radical? I don’t think so! We have to know who we are in Christ. We have to know that who the Son has set free is free in deed! (John 8:36) Don’t you understand that Jesus has paid the price for you and me to live a life that is worry free? Yes; we have concerns. But God tells us that we should not worry or be anxious, because He has us covered.
Do you know the joy that comes and the peace that is felt when you are free in Jesus? It is sometimes hard to put into words what overcomes your soul when you truly put all into God’s hands, and know for sure in your heart that no matter what troubles you find yourself in, or may come your way, that it does not hinder you from being free; free in your heart, your mind, your spirit. And, that you would allow God, our loving Father, to take care of you and work all things out.

Do you remember the Fourth of July as a kid? I remember it well. I had the greatest time as a child. Why? Because I was free to do so. I knew my parents or Grandmother or Aunts and Uncles had it all taken care of. All I had to do was listen; do as I was told, and enjoy myself. And you know what? I would have the greatest time of my life!

So it is with our walk in God. He has us covered. All we have to do is listen; do what He tells us to do (obedience); give Him the praise, and enjoy our freedom in Him! Yes. Storms will come. Troubles will arise. But we are truly safe in the Father’s arm.

We can look back over our lives and know that we have made it because of God. We are stronger, wiser, and more thankful when God has brought us through. It is because of Jesus that we can truly make it through all things. We are free. Free to be who God has called us to be. So don’t let the devil lie to you and bind you in the mistakes of the past and the troubles of today. Declare your victory in Christ, and independence form the bondage of sin and lies of Satan.

As I reflect upon my own independence; I realize that I have much to be grateful for. Because I have been made free in my mind and my heart. I no longer say who I am based upon what another has said about me. I say who I am, with confidence, because of who I know I am and whose I am. No matter my life's circumstances or situations; I am free. Independent from the world...and free because of the love of God!

From my family to yours; have a safe and wonderful Holiday!

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