World Health Organization Ignores Cure for Malaria

World Health Organization Ignores Cure for Malaria
Did you know that there is a one day cure for Malaria? Did you understand that hundreds of children alone die from this disease every day? Did you know that members of the World Health Organization have been introduced to a one day cure for malaria but they refuse to look at it? They refuse to acknowledge it in favor of drugs that do not work at the expense of millions of lives every year?

In the 1990's Jim Humble was working in malaria laden jungles when two of his coworkers were stuck ill. Because they were so far from medical help he did what he could. The only thing that he had that he knew had some antimicrobial effect was a product called stabilized oxygen that he carried with him to purify water. As the only choice available he started to give it to his workers who had become seriously ill. Jim had seen malaria before so he knew it well. He was hoping it would buy him enough time to get his workers to a clinic somewhere.

But to his surprise his workers quickly got well. Jim was astounded and this knowledge was about to change his life for ever and the lives of countless others around the world. Jim ended up taking the stabilized oxygen to a couple of doctors. From there they experimented with it on malaria cases. Malaria is easy to diagnose with a common microscope as the pathogen is blood borne and easy to recognize. They found that the orally ingested stabilized oxygen could kill the parasite but with further trial they found that it was not always strong enough. Over time Jim and his friends experimented with it and they found that if the stabilized oxygen was exposed to an acid like citric acid that it would turn into chlorine dioxide and that this was what was doing the parasite killing.

Jim theorized that the stabilized oxygen which is really a solution of sodium chlorite activates with common stomach acid but many people do not have enough stomach acid to activate it sufficiently so activation is required outside of the body to assure that a strong chlorine dioxide is ingested to kill the parasites. After sufficient trials it was found that most cases of Malaria could be cured with what Jim now calls MMS1 which stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement 1.

Over time Jim and others found that MMS1 could kill many types of pathogens and cure many different types of disease, including some of those diseases commonly classified as auto immune diseases. Could it be that some of the auto immune diseases that the world is currently contending with is caused by an undiagnosed microbe?

Being able to cure Malaria in four hours is astounding and it could pull Africa and some other third world countries from its knees. Diseases like Malaria and HIV are crushing third world countries economically, as families struggle to survive, leaving orphaned children behind and no recourse for prosperity to the family unit. Finally Jim saw to it the the World Health Organization was notified of MMS1. They slammed the door in his face.

Now I wish to introduce you to Professor Jarred Diamond. Dr Diamond wrote a New York Times best selling book called "Guns, Germs, and Steel" and for those inclined to such heady literature its a pretty interesting read. But Dr Jarred also created a set of DVDs by the same name that documents his journey to Africa to explore the concepts brought forth in his book. This theory essentially is that there are three weapons or forces that contribute to one nation taking over another, the access to weapons, the technology that steel provides and the spread of germs.

In Africa the European white man could not endure the climate and the germs of the continent. Most pioneers who tried to settle tropical Africa died of Malaria or other diseases. They were not able to conquer with military or economic might the black people of the continent so they retreated to Europe and mostly stopped trying.

Now Africa is being brought to its knees by disease and Professor Jarred Diamond reports a -1% growth rate for the continent. Many contend that tainted vaccines were the cause of the devastating spread of HIV. Others say that Malaria is willfully not contained. The intent is to eventually walk in and to take the land with little or no resistance, once the drugs have been found to deal with the diseases that Africa brings. Could conquering Africa for its abundant resources be the reason that the World Health Organization refuses to acknowledge MMS1?

The World Health Organization is lead by many physicans who have huge financial interest in pharmaceutical companies... the same companies accused of providing tainted vaccine and the same companies with monumental political lobby force across the world.

One has to wonder what the agenda of the W.H.O actually is. Could it be that they are promoting worthless drugs and ignoring MMS because they, primarily Euro-centric white people, often strongly associated with the pharmaceutical industry, are looking at that -1% growth rate and thinking that in another 30 or 40 years most of Africa will be fair game, easy to invade economically and socially? Could they have in mind the take over of central Africa, profoundly rich in natural resources, coveted the world over, as easy game though “natural” and “unavoidable” depopulation strategies, primarily executed though disease?

Professor Jarres DVDs are available through Netflex. Part two discusses Malaria and the growth rate for Africa. He will actually take you into pediatric units in African hospitals to see what is going on for yourself.

So see MMS in action in Africa click here, the scroll to the bottom of the page and click on broadband

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