Ramen Recipe

Ramen Recipe
When you want that nutritious quick meal, Noodles certainly helps in that direction but when its seeped in delicious broth? You can’t help but nod your head in satisfaction and that’s why Ramen has become a fad of sorts with a lot of people.

Ramen is a Japanese and Chinese dish, that is made with Noodles and seeped in delicious Dashi, which is your everyday broth, its filling and very easy to make, just about 45 minutes and your Ramen is ready, the fun part is that Ramen can be eaten anytime and often times anywhere.

There are four main types of Ramen, there is the Miso [soy bean paste] Shio [Salt] Tonkotsu [Pork bone] and Shoyu [Soy sauce] but these days there are so many variations, to the Ramen recipe and that’s because of its simplicity, you only have to be creative with your ingredients and don't forget every Ramen dish, must have its toppings either vegetables or any type of meat.

Today, there are many restaurants in Japan that solely specialize in Ramen, its no wonder that its one of the most popular fast foods.
For all of you out there, who are maybe on a diet or just want a slim fit meal but still want to get your flavor on, here’s a simple Vegetable Ramen recipe, don’t forget to send in your delicious comments, enjoy!

Vegetable Ramen recipe

Green Pepper
Bamboo shoots
Dried Kelp
Sliced Scallions

To prepare our Ramen we must first prepare the Dashi which is our broth, start by soaking the Mushrooms in water for at about 30mins, then put it in a pot and set it on medium heat till the water boils, then strain out the mushrooms leaving the broth, next place the mushrooms in a open container to cool.

Next prepare the Noodles, by putting water in a pot and let it boil first, before you add your noodle block, cook until noodles are tender then strain noodles out, next boil the egg and when its done, peel out the shell and cut egg in half, preferably cut it lengthwise.

Now this is the easiest and of cos mouth watering part, pour your broth into a serving dish, add your noodles with the rest of your ingredients, which are the egg, bamboo shoots, scallions, green pepper and dried kelp nicely into the Dashi [broth] and that's it! Your Ramen Noodles is ready and best advice, eat while its hot... hopefully with no one watching!

This is a very easy Ramen recipe, another favorite of mine is the chicken or Pork Ramen. Don't hold up, whatever ingredient you feel would make your Ramen tastier, go for it! Cos taste is all that really matters.

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