Okonomiyaki Recipe

Okonomiyaki Recipe
Okonomiyaki are Japanese styled Pancakes that originated from Osaka, its quite popular in Japan especially in the Hiroshima and Kansai regions, today there are many restaurants, exclusively offering this delicious pancake.

Okonomiyaki is derived from the word Okonomi, which means "what you want" or "what you like" and this is exactly what it means, you can either watch the chef prepare your pancakes or cook em yourself at some of these restaurants!

In the Kansai region, Okonomiyaki ingredients are all mixed together in a paste but in Hiroshima, Okonomiyaki is mostly cooked with different layers of veggies and meat.
Okonomiyaki can either be cooked or grilled, the batter is made from several ingredients, such as grated yam, flour, eggs, shrimp, vegetables, cheese, water, even squid and octopus or with any type of meat.

Okonomiyaki must have its toppings and they can be either the Okonomiyaki sauce, which looks like the English Worcester Sauce but Okonomiyaki sauce is much more thicker, Katsuobisho which is Bonito flakes Japanese mayonnaise, Aonori which is Seaweed flakes, fried eggs or you can even use fried noodles, which I’ve heard is quite delicious on Okonomiyaki.

Now, here is a recipe for a Traditional Kansai Okonomiyaki, don't forget to send in your delicious comments, enjoy!

Okonomiyaki Recipe:

Pickled ginger
Green onions

For toppings you should use the regular Okonomiyaki sauce but if you can’t get that, you can use either Aonori, Japanese mayonnaise, Katsuobisho or you can try the fried eggs or Noodles.
Whichever topping you choose, will only make your Okonomiyaki delicious.

Now to prepare a traditional Kansai Okonomiyaki, you should use Okonomiyaki flour [but don't worry, if you can’t get your hands on that, you can still use regular flour after all, Okonomiyaki means "what you like" which can also tranalte as what you have!

Now the first steps to making Okonomiyaki, is to quickly mix the flour and water into a paste, for more flavor you can use any meat stock but I kinda prefer chicken because its has more flavor and its tastier. Next add all the other ingredients but take care not to over mix, then set 'em in portions and shape pancake style with a spatula, then place your bacon strips nicely on top.

Next set a griddle to heat for lets say 200c, then oil the griddle and place your Okonomiyaki mixture on the griddle, cook for three minutes then flip it to the other side and cook for another three minutes or till its brown.
Now to the mouth watering part, add your toppings either Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese Mayo or whatever toppings you like and voila! Your Kansai Okonomiyaki is ready.
Best advice, eat while its hot!

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