Face the truth tours in the Midwest

Face the truth tours in the Midwest
I debated long and hard over whether to do this article. I didn't want to bring the group any more undue attention. Then I went to their website and was so angered by what I read and saw that I felt compelled to write it.

For those who don't now, the Face the truth tours, go all over the country, sections at a time, yearly, to spread their message. It is put on by the pro life action league, so it is not my message, but they have a right to spread theirs. That's not so much my problem.

My very first article, I ever did for BellaOnline was about abortion protestors and their graphic signs and fliers.
I do not and never will think their tactics help their cause. The face the truth tours are no exception.
First of all, if you have never had the misfortune of seeing these signs, do not go to the pro life action league website. For the research of this article, I unfortunately did. It isn't pleasant. Not only are the images traumatizing, but there are actual pictures of protestors from past events, standing next to life size signs, and smiling, as if on vacation in the Grand Canyon.
If your child is ever to do an essay or report of pro life or abortion etc., I caution you to research the sites it is safe for them to get information from first.
Anyway, back to the tours, for one thing, the last thing drivers around these towns need, is the distraction of groups waving horrific and life size graphic signs, on street corners. There is also no consideration given, to the children out with their parents who will be forced through no fault of their own, to witness the gore.
Instead of adopting already living foster children, who need homes, or volunteering at a homeless shelter, where many children have no choice but to live, they are choosing to fight a losing battle, wasting their time along with everyone else.
By that I mean, regardless of the law, abortion will never stop. Furthermore, no one wants one. Sometimes they are necessary, period. The lifers don't need to write me and argue their point. I know them all, well. Some of them, I can even understand. That doesn't take away the need for abortion to remain legal, and it won't take away the use of abortion if it is made illegal.
Spare us all, the trauma and put away the signs. We get it. Scaring women away from abortion is coercion and is not moral or legal. You use your tactics as a way around the law, but it doesn't change the facts. You are trying to undo something you think is wrong by using other wrongs.
No one will win.

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