Indian Culture and Lifestyle

Indian Culture and Lifestyle
India is a land of thrilling varieties and the Indian culture is a combination of diverse languages, religions, people groups, music, art, literature, architecture, food and customs. The 28 states and 7 union territories that form the Indian sub continent hide within its boundaries a unique blend of traditions and practices handed down through generations. Priding itself in a History dotted with famous events, accomplished personalities and a well known independence struggle, India invites attention to its spirit of patriotism. Each facet of Indian culture is an assortment of piquing varieties.

Religion is a key factor that controls the population and India is rightly known as the land of a million gods. People from different sections of the country adhere to their own superstitious beliefs. No visitor to the country can manage to leave without sighting at least a dozen houses of worship.

Fairs and festivals are an essential part of the Indian lifestyle. Each festival has its own peculiar significance and the rituals that accompany them also vary. ‘Diwali’, the festival of lights and ‘Holi’, the festival of color are most popularly celebrated across the country. No Indian festival is complete without a platter of splendid dishes prepared exclusively for the occasion.

Indian weddings are elaborately planned with the family playing a significant part. Several interesting customary practices are observed and religious beliefs play a vital role in the mode of performing the wedding ceremony.

The Indian cuisine is worth mention for its mouth watering platter that has managed to gain acclaim all through the globe. Spices and herbs are lavishly used to flavor Indian dishes. Even within the country, cooking styles, equipment and food patterns differ from State to State.

Forts, monuments and relics from the past are scattered across the country in proof of the diversity in architecture patterns and show a glimpse of India in the era of kings and monarchy.

Indian entertainment has a history of its own with a legacy of exceptional dance forms, folk lore, classical music, drama and theater. There are also several sports and games indigenous to the Indian Sub continent.

The ‘sari’ and the ‘dothi’ are the popular attire for Indian women and men. There are variations in donning the sari and some parts of the country have their own customary dressing styles.

In spite of the variations in food, clothing, entertainment and living patterns across the country, India displays its democratic stand and allows freedom of thought and action. Indians have remained a unified community though the Indian culture is cluttered with variations. From being the land of snake charmers, India has now progressed in all fields and is now a top player in the global ecosystem with a rapidly progressing economy. Yet the Indian culture continues to spread its fragrance across the world, attracting attention to its one of a kind, unity within diversity.

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