Male birth control

Male birth control
Women have wished for men to have the ability to take a more active role in the responsibility of birth control for years. It is starting to look more and more like that wish will come true.

It has always been that men have two options where birth control is concerned. Use condoms, or have a vasectomy. With condoms having a 14-15 % failure rate and vasectomy being permanent, the options were very limited.

Researchers at the University of Kansas have tested a male birth control pill on rats and monkeys. The pill, called Gamendazole, prevents sperm from maturing and was developed from an anti cancer drug.

While further studies on short and long term side effects are needed, it looks as though the pill for men is near reality.

Side effects would be similar to those experienced by women on the pill and include, skin appearance, mood swings, cholesterol and heart health risks.

Other ongoing male birth control projects include methods of lowering the male sperm count, and the use of the hormones testosterone and progestin to stop sperm production.

For many men concerns regarding safety, effectiveness and reversibility have all led to men’s lack of interest. With these advances, that may be near a thing of the past.

That leads to the question, how hard would it be for women to let go of the responsibility of birth control and hand it over to men, the way men have for so many years to women? To be honest, I would probably be a little hesitant. I have at different times in my life been on the birth control pill, to prevent pregnancy. I don’t mean in any way to sound sexist, but I myself have forgotten to take the pill. I don’t know that I would be able to relax enough handing that responsibility to my partner.

I asked my boyfriend whether or not he would take it. His response was that he would, but only after it had gone through more tests with clearer answers as to safety and side effects. When I mentioned some women might find it difficult to pass on the responsibility, he answered that it was difficult for some men to trust women with as well. I completely understand that. You are placing a huge responsibility in either sex’s hands.

My question for my male readers is, would you take the responsibility of birth control via a pill? Why or why not?

My question to my female readers is, would you be comfortable with the male taking sole responsibility of birth control? Why or why not?

Feel free to join me in my forums for these and many other pro choice discussions.

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