Feng Shui for Recognition

Feng Shui for Recognition
Whether you are trying to get recognized at work so you can win that promotion or simply want more recognition for all you do at home, you can start by activating the Feng Shui Fame/Future/Reputation area in your home and office. This area of the Feng Shui bagua, or mapping chart, is located directly opposite the entry door in your home or workplace, is all about receiving recognition for what you contribute to your world, whether it’s at work, school, or home. This area is activated through the Fire Element, which is represented by the colors red, orange, and deep purple, and by triangular shapes.

One way to determine if your Feng Shui Fame/Future/Reputation area needs to be activated is to see if you can answer yes to any of these questions:
1. I have been passed up for a promotion at work.
2. I need to be appreciated at home.
3. I want to be well-known in my community.
4. I have difficulty accepting praise.

To increase your recognition and good reputation, first locate the Fame/Future/Reputation Area in your home and workplace using the bagua map. You can download a bagua map through the link at the bottom of this article.

Next, determine whether this area is “missing” from your floor plan and take steps to symbolically bring it back into your home. You do this by going outside and finding where the walls of your home would come together if it were a complete square or rectangle, then marking the area in some way.

Then, take a good look at this area to see how it reflects your current reputation:

Is this the room in your home where you store the old and worn furniture that is no longer “good enough” for the living room or family room? If this is the case, your placement of the cast-off furniture in the Fame/Future/Reputation area of your home is sending the message of disregard for your reputation and that you don’t deserve anything new – like that promotion.

Is this area cluttered? If so, it represents hoarding and a poverty mentality rather than a prosperity consciousness. When you think prosperously you send the message that “I deserve to replace worn things.” However, when you come from a poverty mentality, you hoard things rather than throw them away because you fear you will never again be able to afford them. Feng Shui principles suggest that adopting a prosperity consciousness will help you attract wealth.

Are the walls empty, or do they need to be repainted? If so, it symbolizes that you are not committed to moving forward in your life, and that life is passing you by. The Feng Shui law of attraction suggests that “you are what you see,” so if you are looking at blank, faded, or dirty walls, you are looking at a blank future.

Is your artwork depressing? If you surround yourself with images that are bleak, lonely, or remind you of unpleasant situations in your past, that's what you will attract into your life rather than the recognition you deserve.

The final step in enhancing your reputation and achieving the recognition you deserve, involves displaying these items in your Fame/Future/Reputation area:
• Diplomas, certifications, awards, citations for a job well done.
• Objects and art with the colors red, orange, deep purple
• Triangular or cone-shaped objects
• Candles
• Vision board, including affirmations and quotes from successful people you admire. A vision board, also called a dream board or treasure map, is a powerful way of using images to create the intention to attract something into your life, and that’s also what Feng Shui is all about.

When you are deciding which objects to place in your Fame/Future/Recognition area, remember that it's important to select items that have special meaning for you and make you feel good about what you have accomplished.

Click here to download a bagua map to help you locate the Fame/Future/Reputation Area in your home and workplace.

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