Lucky Feng Shui Gifts

Lucky Feng Shui Gifts
I’m frequently asked by clients, readers of my monthly newsletter, and BellaOnline members to recommend gifts that have Feng Shui significance, but that aren’t too Asian or “New Age.” I don’t use a lot of Chinese Feng Shui symbols in my practice because I prefer to work with what people already have or what they want to acquire to make changes in their homes. So when I recommend Feng Shui gifts, I look for practical items that fit in with any home décor. Here are a few of my favorite lucky Feng Shui gifts that you can give for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, hostess gifts, or whenever you want to gift yourself with some positive Feng Shui.

Red Wallet. A Feng Shui gift of a red wallet symbolizes wealth for the recipient. Just be sure to avoid giving an empty wallet because it represents the lack of prosperity. Instead, give a new red wallet with at least a $20 bill tucked inside to send the message that your gift will always be overflowing with wealth for the recipient.

Lucky Bamboo Plant. Lucky bamboo is a popular plant that many people associate with Feng Shui and good fortune. Much of the popularity of lucky bamboo results from the fact that it is easy to grow. A low-maintenance plant, lucky bamboo can survive under almost any light conditions and can be grown in soil or water. Lucky bamboo is believed to bring good luck and fortune when given as a gift to friends, family, or co-workers.

Wind Chimes. Wind chimes “call” the positive chi, or energy, to a location, so I especially like to give wind chimes as a wedding or housewarming gift. Giving wind chimes as a lucky Feng Shui gift sends the message that the recipient’s home will always attract positive chi and happiness. You can choose either metal or wood wind chimes, as long as they have a pleasing sound.

Precious Stones. People have long associated precious stones with special powers of healing, happiness, inspiration, wealth, and love, and that’s why they make great Feng Shui gifts. My favorite stone is amethyst, the stone of change, protection, and enlightenment that enhances serenity and composure. Another stone that makes a good Feng Shui gift is citrine, known as the “stone of the entrepreneur,” because placing it in your office or store increases good fortune and wealth. Other good choices of precious stones for Feng Shui gifts include rose quartz to attract love, tiger’s eye to help concentration and clear thinking, and turquoise to dispel negative energy and provide protection and peace of mind.

Books. A gift of a book opens up the world of reading for the recipient. Whether it’s an actual printed book, gift certificate to the local bookstore, or gift card to download an e-book, books symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Of course I’m partial to giving Feng Shui books as gifts because they introduce the world to the art and science of placing things in your home and office to attract wealth, harmony, and love.

Candles. The Feng Shui gift of a candle represents the powerful Fire Element that helps attract passion and energy to your home. In addition, candlelight counteracts negative energy by adding its warm glow to any space. Choose the color of your candles based on what you want to help the recipient attract, like red for love, green for growth, blue for relaxation.

Purse Hanger. In Feng Shui, putting your purse on the floor represents disregard for your wealth, plus, scientific evidence shows that putting your purse on the floor can transmit bacteria. You can't always hang your purse on a chair back, so the solution is a purse hanger that lets you hang it from the table or your desk. Giving the gift of a purse hanger symbolizes respecting the wealth of the recipient. Click here for a description of the sturdy, folding purse hanger that I recommend.

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