Obama's Ignoring of the Constitution

Obama's Ignoring of the Constitution
Let me start off by saying that I have absolutely no problem with a reader setting me straight. One of the things I most enjoy about writing for Bella is the interaction I get to have with so many of you. I love the feedback that I receive and although it isn’t always in agreement with what I write (and sometimes it’s not even nice), it is what helps fuel me to keep on going.

As the editor of the Independent Parties site, I come with articles that are filled with information, facts and my heart. But sometimes my heart can get in the way of reality. And that is exactly what I see happened in my last article, “The End of Qaddafi?”

One of the things I did in that article was give credit to Obama for the part he played in the air strikes against Libya. My heart was cheering him on for what I believed was finally an indication of strength…something I have seen lacking in him.

But then a wonderful reader, Tad T., responded with his own thoughts. He pointed out some very important things that I had lost sight of, in my excitement to see Obama take on something that I do feel is very important.

Tad reminded me of the fact that once again, Obama “used his executive powers to circumvent the process given to us in the Constitution.” That is a very important point. Obama chose to go around Congress and do what he felt was best.

As Tad also said, the majority of Congress probably would have ruled in favor of aiding the rebels and getting rid of Qaddafi. But we won’t ever know because Obama chose to go over them. Unless a country is an immediate threat to us, Tad said, “NO president has the power to declare war or send troops into a country.” Point well taken.

And again, Tad reminded me of the fact that “he CONTINUES to do what HE wants instead of listening to the people, allowing Congress to do their jobs, or following the Constitution.”

One word that Tad mentioned and I completely agree with is “arrogance.” It was yet another demonstration of the arrogance that has plagued Obama since he stepped foot into the oval office. I do thank Tad for his feedback.

And just to provide an update on the Libyan situation, it is believed that Qaddafi’s wife and three of his children are now hiding in Algeria. However the whereabouts of Qaddafi and his other sons is unclear.

There is some talk that one of his sons is offering the return of the capital in exchange for his safety but we don’t know much more than that. And supposedly, the rebels are closing in on Qaddafi. It is believed they have at least a good idea on where to find him.

The future of Libya is uncertain…the hope is that yet another evil, brutal dictator will finally be taken down. But then we must hope for the right transition to take place. Meanwhile, we have enough troubles of our own in this country to deal with.

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