Polish weather – Spring and Winter

Polish weather – Spring and Winter
It might be not a good material for an article. Although, when there is no better topic to talk about, why not to talk about weather? My thought behind this article was also to convey some knowledge about Poland – together with its cities, people, language and with its weather. This is especially because many people – during my visits abroad – ask me what one can expect when visiting Poland. I even encountered big surprise on some faces when they got to know that the Poles bath in the Baltic Sea. Yes, we do bath in the sea (although it is colder than Mediterranean Sea for example) but we also ski during Winter.
So below you can read about some most important features of 2 first seasons in Poland:


This season of the year is as much loved as hated by the Poles. It is usually associated with lots of snow, white streets and the specific sound that fresh snow gives when you step on it as the first one. Winters from my childhood remind me of frost in the windows that curved beautiful shapes that looked like piece of art. Glistering snow in harsh sunlight (as the light gets strengthened by white surface that reflects it) may give warmth that makes us love that season. But Winter can bring surprises. It can be simply rainy. Melted snow, grey streets and rain do not remind the Winter that we all dream of. Good for animals – such as bears – that sleep during the Winter to wake up in different reality.


This is the part of the year when all the animals and plants start their life anew. April (in Polish kwiecien – that derives from Polish word for ‘flower’) is associated with Easter holidays, May reminds of meadows full of flowers, while June already brings sun and nice weather and the first symptoms of Summer. Spring may be sunny and rainy but it announces the arrival of Summer that all the Poles await so much. To welcome the Spring, many Polish schools organize so called ‘drowning of Marzanna’. They prepare an artificial puppet – that depicts the Winter – and drown it to welcome Spring. Already in pagan times spring meant new life – just as Easter holidays during which the Christians celebrate resurrection of Jesus.

The two above seasons of the year may bring many surprises. Each of them has its fans and those that simply want to survive it to get through to their favorite one. Of course it is the best when the season meets our expectation and gives us what we wish for. Winter allows us to enjoy snow while Spring lets us enjoy the first flowers. But who may ensure that happens? Remember, weather in Poland may be very tricky.

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