Early pregnancy symptoms continued

Early pregnancy symptoms continued
Last week we looked at an assortment of early pregnancy symptoms. This week we will continue to do so, as there are just too many to cover in one or even two articles.

Frequent Urination- This is one of the more annoying side effects of pregnancy, and unfortunately one that can remain with you for the whole nine months. Your growing uterus can put pressure on your bladder. Your body is also creating extra fluids that are being processed by your kidneys and bladder. Other Explanations: Urinary tract infection, diabetes, increasing liquid intake, or taking excessive diuretics.

Nausea and vomiting- One of the worst symptoms of pregnancy is what is commonly referred to as “morning sickness”. Although in most cases it occurs as the name implies, in the morning, but can actually occur at any time of the day. Some cases can be severe and require medication, but for most women the symptom goes away sometime after entering the second trimester, as your body adjusts to the changes. Other Explanations: Food poisoning, stress, changes in hormonal birth control method or other stomach disorders.

Dizziness or fainting- As your uterus grows it compresses arteries in your legs. This can drop your blood pressure and make you dizzy. You may also feel faint when you have gone a while without eating. This is due to low blood sugar, your nourishment is your baby's main source of food. Sitting up or standing slowly, and eating small and frequent meals are great remedies. Other explanations: blood sugar problems, illness, problems with equilibrium.

Food cravings- Some people believe they are real and others do not. Pre natal vitamins and pure fish oil capsules can help relieve cravings and prevent extra weight gain. Other Explanations: Poor diet, lack of a certain nutrient, stress, depression, illness or impending menstruation.

Food aversions- This was a big one for me. One day I would eat a particular food and the next couldn’t stand the thought of it. There were other foods or other particular restaurants that I had enjoyed for years, if not all my life, that I suddenly couldn’t stomach. This can and sometimes does last the entire nine months. Other Explanations: Poor diet, lack of a certain nutrient, stress, depression, illness or impending menstruation.

Sensitivity to smells- Even ones you once loved may now be too much for you to take. It can range from perfumes, to gas stations, to food and is thought to be another symptom of the increasing estrogen in your body.

Next week we will wrap up the signs of early pregnancy with the last few symptoms.

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