Words That Heal and Soothe

Words That Heal and Soothe
Now, the Word of God is like a balm that soothes and heals the broken hearted and wounded. The Word of God is a source of encouragement, instruction, and admonition. The Word of God brings discipline, chastisement, correction. The Word of God delivers hope and faith to thirsty and hungry hearts, that desire truth and righteousness within their lives. It can sometimes seem that God is not answering our prayers. That He does not care or, is not concern with the struggles that we face in this life. Some can feel, at times, as though God does not understand and has abandoned them. But how many have lived their lives pleasing God, and following what God instructs them to do? How many have been astonished by what God has done in their lives? If not, it's time to start listening.

Sometimes we have the habit of asking God over and over again to do something. We'll wait for a short while and then ask again. In the world we live in today, where there seems to be instant gratification for every need conceivable, we may begin to expect God to adhere to that same philosophy of instant gratification. If that is what you expect when you pray; if that is the relationship you expect from God, then you will be waiting a very long time.

God is not a quick fix for our current problems and situations. He is a long term God. A Father who is in it for the long haul. From beginning to end. From eternity to eternity. And because He loves us the way He does, He will not allow us to continue on a path of self destruction. And, on a path of hopelessness and despair. He loves us way, too, much.

The heavenly Father understands you, and knows your needs before you even have them. He understands who you are and what you have been through. And He still admonishes us that He will never leave us or forsake us. That He is ever present when we need Him. It is a hard realization to come to the knowledge that it is we that have abandoned God, and not God us.

Don't think you've abandoned God? Sometimes it is not easy to see what we are doing, because of things we may be facing at the time. But have you noticed that you don't talk to God as much as you used to? Have you noticed that you have stopped seeking the will of God, or His instruction? Have you been less interested in a what a man or woman of God has to say concerning a relationship with the Father? Do you find yourself pulling away from fellowship, or from the house of worship? Sometimes these things are subtle, and they happen in small increments. Then there are times we just outright give up, and declare that God does not love us; that He does not care, because the pain that we are facing is just, too, hard to bare. It is so excruciating, that it feels as though that we are going to die at any moment. It really does feel as though God has abandoned us. But He hasn't. He is right there, watching us. Reaching toward us. But we can't recognize His hand, because we are blinded by the searing pain in our hearts, and the tears that constantly fill our eyes.

There are times that we can't seem to see past the storms that are raging in our lives, and the loss's we have suffered, and the disappointments that we have endured. It doesn't seem fair, and the pain unbearable. But that's when you are closest to God. That is when, your flesh has no more to give, and you are weak, and God can finally be made strong in your life. When the flesh can no longer fight against the spirit, and must subject itself totally to the will of a loving and restoring God.

Does God allow this on purpose? No. Yet when we live a life that is exclusive of God, it opens us to the attacks and onslaught of the enemy. The enemy is always lurking and seeking a way into our lives, into hearts and minds.

Make no mistake, the enemy whispers into our ears, and will try to convince us that because God did not answer our prayers yet; because we have or continue to suffer such travail; because God seems to be taking so long, that God does not care, nor love us. The devil is a liar! But if you entertain those thoughts long, they will eventually seep into your spirit, into your heart, and wreak havoc in your life and emotions.

When you are in an intimate relationship with God, you will come to understand, that whatever you endure upon this earth, that God has equipped you to go through. Not only that, but He has designed you to take your pain and suffering, and make it work for you. Do something about it. Perhaps you endured a tragedy so that truth can come to light. Maybe you suffered a loss, so that you can rise up and become a voice for those that suffer the same. Maybe, just maybe, you were born to save someone else's life.

God is speaking to us, but many of us do not hear. He is giving instructions for a better life. He wants to bless us beyond our imagination. He wants to delver us from our pain. He is watching and waiting. Waiting for us to grab His outstretched hand, and follow what He tells us to do next. God will astonish you with the revelations that He has for you. He will make a seemingly dry place, overflow with water. He will make an empty cup, fill and spill over. But you will never know, if you don't first found out about who God truly is. Even in the midst of your hurt and pain, you might never know how soothing His love can be. How much like a soothing salve, His love can be, if you never know His Word. If you never come to recognize His voice and follow His instructions which always lead to an abundance. Abundance of love, joy, hope, faith, health and even finances.

May the Word of God find a special place in your heart this week. Allow the words of our living God to fill your hearts and minds, and bring you comfort in ways you may have never known or, have forgotten about. Know that God loves you, and is right there waiting to astonish you. Nothing is impossible for God, if you'd just believe. God Bless.

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